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I've been watching a ton of DIY van builds in the last few weeks. Now I don't need a mega mile daily commuter, I'm considering a van as my daily drive and converting it for surfing and trail racing tr

Muslim Big Day Out.

Have a look at this video. Whilst the break dancing shows great fitness and strength, the robot dancing blows me away. I have watched it heaps of times. The guy walking across the stage with no shirt

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I must admit, that when I saw his audition and the famous music of Puccini’s “Nessun dorma” started, the first thing I thought was - You IDIOT!!! - Nobody takes on that and gets away unburnt.


I saw the look on Piers's face that seemed to confirm it was a big mistake, and he was obviously expecting this to be a disaster.


And then, he pulled it off - not just passably well, but stunningly well.


The performance in the final is simply dumbfoundingly good, for an amateur.


If this is not a scam (i.e. if he was not already a trained singer) then this is one of those amazing “rags to riches” stories that legends are made of.


Of course, prophetically, the final words of that aria are: “Vincerò! Vincerò! Vincerò!”


Which translate to: “I will win! I will win! I will win!”

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that's pretty good Freak. Did you read some of the comments.


parrotfishko (3 minutes ago) hoi kellycat, there not chinese...


thcitizen (3 minutes ago) they are Fillipino not Chinese you bigot.


flankincash (3 minutes ago) filipino people not chinese...


humblegod (5 minutes ago) Not only is that a non-sequitur, these are FILIPINO prisoners, not Chinese.


flankincash (5 minutes ago) filipino people not chinese ...


03yadnizter (7 minutes ago) wohoooo...10 days and they got a 1,600,000 viewers......... what record...coolest thing in the history of everything... go inmates we want to see more more more... grabehh nani BAI... woohoooooo...


kellycat1995 (10 minutes ago) 

well it goes to show you, if the chinese can make PRISONERS perform like robots, could you imagine what they must do to their regular population.


cutmyfingers (12 minutes ago) 

I cut my bodyparts off for money! More info at w w w . cutitoff . t k

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