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Windy? Hilly? . . . Newy Oly dist.

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Very windy day up at Newcastle - my first race for 14 months.

Not a day for fast times - I came in at 2:25 & would normally expect to do OD in 2:09 - 2:12.

Overall a good challenging day out - a reminder that not every race should be about powering out fast times - this was about careful pacing and good bike skills to get up the up the hills and with very gusty cross winds on the descents.

The run course should have been a fast, flat out and back seafront run - but the tough bike and high winds knocked most back by 2 mins just on the run.


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Isn't their something about not saying "something seems easy" before you do it, it's bad luck or something right....


Try two flats on the first lap of the bike, the second flat inexplicably caused by some sort of fault in the valve on the tube. It waited until i pumped it up and then let go & deflated. Lucky i carry plenty of spares and stick on patches. Never mind when i work out the time it seems i would have been happy with what i might have done.


My swim time was good by my standards, although i did swim a little wide. I was trying out a new zig zag technique i read about. I don't think it works, although the view is nice from the stockton side of the harbour.


I really enjoyed the run, with a really strong cool breeze, and i mean really strong, atleast it kept me cool. I finished feeling good and thats what counts in my books. Even if the time is embarrassing. Thats why i'm the fattriman.

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fattriman, I did notice some poor guy out there that copped two flats. Must have been you - but I also did notice you finishing - that is a gutsy effort - two flats on a short course and you persevered to finish it. Great work.


TurboSimon, yeah, fast descending into tight corners with the cross-winds made it exciting alright. Definitely a race I would do again. Awesome location.


For the record 2:48:17 - pretty happy with that given recent training record.


And thanks to the Trannie supporter out on the run course.

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There is always tonnes of glass on the roads around there unfortunately, mostly in from of Queens Warf, fantastic effort to persist with 2 flats!


My day= ok swim, pretty good ride, SHAMEFUL run, but it was only my 3rd race this year, and I've done nothing but easy stuff since IM, so I was just happy to be having a go and supporting a local event. Will definitely be back next year.


Best part of the day was watching Nathan Stewart annihilate the ride!!

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So how did we go???


fattriman?? anyone else in it??



I PBed so I'm pretty happy with myself, I'll just keep quiet about it being my first crack at olympic distance.



Results are up here for anyone interested










That was a beauty: a bit challenging, safe and well organised and best of all: NO DRAFTING PROBLEMS

However, I dont think it was the run responsible for the slow times. I google mapped the course and I got an extra 300m

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