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Trannies Biggest Losers Tip #8

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I'm really impressed with the progress in the weigh-in thread. :lol:


Seven weeks into this lifestyle change is far enough for the changes to be becoming habits.


When we try to change our swimming technique or running technique, holding the new pattern for seven weeks is long enough for the new move to become a habit. Then we don't have to control things, they just happen that way.


The same thing happens when you buy groceries, if you've been leaving certain things out of your shopping trolley for seven weeks don't break the habit by ever letting them back into your cupboard. :lol:


If you don't have it in the cupboard, you won't eat it.


If you really crave something, you probably need it. Make sure you identify the difference between craving and desire. :D


Don't deny yourself what you crave, this life is meant to be enjoyed. Have a small portion of what you crave. It takes very little to satisfy a craving. If it's chocolate, allow yourself one square after a workout. If it's pizza, have one slice and a huge plate of salad. If it's potatoe chips, buy the smallest packet and share it with someone.


The basic message this week is


* Eat lots of different foods, but small portions of each.

* Leave something on your plate. It's no more wasteful to leave it on the plate than to eat it and try to burn it off.

* If you crave something, have a small serve of it.

* If you don't buy it, you won't eat it.


Don't ever take your eyes off your goal, never doubt yourself, you're worth the effort. Inside that body of yours is the body you want, let's peel off the layers one by one to reveal it.

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