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Trannies Biggest Losers Tip #5

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Nobody ever gave up smoking, if they really didn't want to :lol:


The people who successfully give up the fags are the ones who are totally committed to the positive outcome.


It's the same with athletes who race the Ironman wanting to break 11hrs, but mainly want to finish. The chances of these athletes finishing are 99%, the chances of them breaking 11hrs are about 20%.


Your mind delivers what you order. Whether its a fit, healthy, lean body or a couple of kilos weight loss.


We're 4 weeks into this competition, if you're not following all the tips to the letter (it's not that hard, I've made it easy for you) and are not losing small amounts regularly. You are not committed.


If you don't have a clear picture of what you want to achieve -- you'll never find the discipline to achieve it.


It's time to turn on the awesome power of your mind. ;)


* Develop a clear picture of how you want to be :lol:


* Committ yourself to achieving this goal :D


* Want it badly enough to find the strength when the doubts or temptation creep in :D


* Write the goal down, keep a weight loss diary, list the days when you've been good and record the days when you've slipped off course. (writing it down will help keep you in line, nobody wants to write about their weaknesses)


The picture you have of yourself in your mind, is the future for you ;)


Chose the picture you want. :D

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Whens the firewalking Al!


I'll get it going, now remember, picture the coals as cold frosty grass on a winter's morning, you'll be right, just step into the tray of water at the other end. :lol:

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Good stuff AP.   97.7kgs for me this week which is a loss of 900gms, but I still seem to yoyo mid week.


On the plus side I've committed some $$ to swim squads and will start them next week.






FP, I think this is fairly typical. Friday and Saturday would be my lightest days of the week and Monday perhaps my heaviest due to the fact that it is usually a rest day and usually have a family/dinner/picnic get together Sunday. Nevertheless follow APs tips and the overall trend will be to lighten up. I may not agree with all the explanations given but it will work and that's all that matters. I pretty much do what AP has been saying in any case with a lot of JFT thrown in too. I am riding 6 and 7 days a week.


The best tip I reckon AP ever handed out was the go for a walk after you've already been riding/running and just keep the fatburning engine going (BTW I was pretty happy with that explanation as all my understanding of the Krebs Cycle and physiological processes agrees - I know everyone will be so relieved!).

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(BTW I was pretty happy with that explanation as all my understanding of the Krebs Cycle and physiological processes agrees - I know everyone will be so relieved!).


I do try to be understood by everyone :lol: when I instruct individuals I'm able to tailor the language to suit the athlete :D


When I put a tip on Transitions, I aim to be understood by the masses :D


Some athletes like to "examine the roots" others are happy "to just pick the fruit" :lol:


Different personalities :D

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