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Live Forster Updates.

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Good morning Arne, we expect a massive audience here of at least 7-10 posters.


Hope, Arne, you recall our meeting during IM Florida.


Weather. 17C, expected to warm up, early morning fog lifting, possible gusting winds later.


We have Jabba on mobile with OLT on live text and mobile. We have Gunther on mobile, but not able to answer in race.


Some big expectations out there. For us it's a waiting game.




The Pope died this minute. May he rest in peace.


Our race continues.

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Good morning, Kamal :lol:


I do recall our chance meeting at IM Florida, which in turn brought me to Trannies.


It's funny... I "know" (in the cyber-sense) more people in this race than I do at IMC. I sure wish I was able to be there cheering on the course and at the finish for them.


I've been watching the athlete interviews on video... there's a cute interview that Greg did with Granger and Bentley.


As you know they're swimming already... the commentators are looking for Guy Andrews to actually bridge the gap from the AG'ers and the Pro's... that would be one helluva swim!

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No, I missed the start while texting OLT. Age groupers off under the new format. Guy Andrews is expected to have a huge race, but we will find out more later. As usual the run decides everything at IM, pro & age grouper.


Lisa Bentley, Arne, she's favoured of course, but that could be the story today, Granger, Bentley, Egyyed, Lawn & Ashton. They held Lawn at Kona and she's doubling up from NZ, so let's see. The others might build a lead on Lisa and make it interesting.


Then it's Macca, Bell, Legh and Mitch Anderson among others. Pete Jacobs etc. (is he here?)

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I thinked she biked in the Commonweath Games about 10 years ago, but the top 2 do have her covered on known form.


Lucky, you too mate. Join in, give us yor views. The more people tracking the race the better and easier.

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Lap 1, Macca sighted behind van Wiesse, while Melissa Ashton sits ahead of Legh and Ogden, with Granger 2nd lady.


We on Transitions got a tip on Ashton and Eggyed running near 3 hr run splits, if that was true it's really game on in the ladies. Those are best ever times however. Bentley, Nicole Leder and a few others.....20 occurences in all but some repeaters PNF etc....the only women in history to go sub 3 at IM.

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Yeah Jo did ride commonwealth games on the bike, but she wouldn't like being called a cyclist, she very much is an all rounder, and does know how to race in front, which could prove to be beneficial when it come to the last hour and lisa is closing fast. i hope jo wins, but there is probabaly a very good reason for that :lol:


as for the pope, truley a sad day. i dont think words like great do him credit, may he travel well.



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Macca's well placed and definitely sighted near the front. van Wiesse might get out of the water first however.


Melissa Ashton is having a superb swim, currently pulling well ahead of the ladies (Granger & Lawn), but there's a new name, Alison Keane 2nd at this time. Slight advantage to Ashton as she's swimming with the men.

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Cool Gluteus, it could be a long day here and out there. Dr. Lactic, your input too. Brian's(004) moving apts today, so hope to have him here if possible.


Got Jabba on the phone. Should see them on the bike within a few minutes.

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Jabba say Macca already leading as they go round the roundabout, straight out onto the Lakes Way, Bell & Legh prominent, Bell closest. van wiesse, the swimmer still 2nd, but might not hold that.


Then Ashton, Keane, Granger, Lawn, Bentley. Ashton up on them, the others strung out a bit, a 2 minute spread. Granger probably to move up from there I would guess.



Keanes Aussie....edited above.

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Reading the text updates. Lisa Maragon is added to the ladies group.


It's Macca & Bell with Chris Legh not mentioned.......but Jabba thought he was closer....they may have missed him.


There's an update their now Gluteus.

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Craig MAckenzie moves up into 5th. His performance at SHep was notable. Beaten by a couple of minutes by Luke Bell but still went under four hours (from memory). This is Craigs 1st IM - will be interesting to see how he goes (top 3 ????)

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From memory.....Matty Lewis, 30-34, Peter Reefman 35-39, expected to go well but says no slot.

AP, Al Pitman, 55-59, would want to go to Kona again.


Timmy K. has the potential 18-24. Muts and Wetspot were conservative, they could go ok, but don't know their intentions. Paul Every, always in form. Roxi and Gunther, no Kona but looking good on form. Pinkboy has the ability, but not intending for Kona this time.


Others? Have to analyse. Black Magic, didn't project a time, but I do think he is capable, Princess Fiona and Mrs Hymie, Stacey, very much dark horses but they could overperform.


Guy called Peter Hancock from Melbourne, Vernon might know him. He's not a Tranny but might be soon, he will go well here.


You have any Gluteus. Anybody?


Is there anybody out there. :lol:

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Good Morning Gentlemen.


Sounds like we are off to a good start. Can't believe I slept in!!


I think Black Magic is capable of a Kona slot. He didn't put a time cause he was worried he wouldn't achieve it. I'll be with him on the run course, as I will a few others.


I do know that last night Smitty was very worried about the wind and that Hymie was nervous. I also know that Fat Pom was shouting drinks at the Servo's. A good night was had by all.


Bring on a great day folks.

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Was just looking through swim results and noticed Reefy was out in 53:26, also Guy Andrews (as expected ) in 47:3x and Drew Ginn (Olympic Gold medallist in pairs rowing) went 51:2x.


On with the race :lol:

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Mrs. Hymie, 1:07:57, solid as a rock

Reefy was first out.

Check these names & nos if you have time, Rete? & Black Magic, dravvid, I think 59:03, can someone check that.

Princess Fiona, 1:00:31, looks in good shape.

Matty, 1:04:26, 6-7 mins improvement, a postive sign

PinkBoy, 59:26, any news?

Blew,1:14:14, if that don't make him happy, nothing will

Paul Every,1:10:32

Roxi...........he's right there, 1:04:56

Gunther....conservative, but on sched, 1:11:33

Peter Hancock, my tip, 56:34, non tranny

Mark Goodhand, woweee, 58:33

Hairy Legs, watch him on the run, 1:03:53

Mr.Flower, him too, 1:01:24

AP, he's always there, 1:01:11


Quick call to OLT, told me nothing, but nice chat. For anyone who didn't know, he's a first class young man....believe me. Go to his new shop.


Greyman, he's ok, 1:19:57

Tudjman,, 1:27:20

Chrissy"No knees" Ernst, 1:10:04

Steve"he still has knees" Firth, strong as ever, 58:12

Jemmo, 1:08:20, I almost beat him once, but he's improving.

PV, yes sir, 1:06:09


A few more to come. Muts and Wetspot, Prenda, Melschi, anyone help with the others.

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In the absence of Bourne who is probably having his fillings dislodged by the vibrations on Coomba PArk Rd as we speak. A list of tranny swim times (from what I could tell)


Greyman M40-44

Andrew #1 M35-39

phantom M30-34


Fodder M40-44

WA Matt M30-34

fluro2au M35-39

pja 108 F40-44 1:15:00

GoldenBoots 120 M35-39 0:58:00

Shrek 151 M30-34 1:09:12

wetspot 173 M40-44 0:56:54

PeterB 181 M35-39 1:23:15

Gris 271 M40-44 1:07:21

Hymie 313 M35-39 1:11:36

Hymie, Mrs 314 F35-39 1:07:57

Blew 335 M30-34 1:04:14

lawman 419 M40-44 1:11:01

PinkBoy 459 M18-24 0:59:26

noknees 463 M35-39 1:10:04

Mr Flower 495 M40-44 1:01:24

Kanangra 496 M45-49 0:58:12

Flanman 502 M45-49 1:02:49

Form 512 M30-34 0:57:58

Hairy Legs 558 M40-44 1:03:53

Rolls-can-Hardly 566 M35-39 1:02:52

stu 571 M40-45 1:07:10

Trunkz 580 M50-54 1:20:39

Mark Welsh 586 M45-49 0:58:33

green machine 600 M55-59 1:17:37

mooze 610 F18-24 1:11:37

Brick 666 M40-44 1:10:02

Di & Dave 711 M40-44 1:08:33

Highway Man 738 M35-39 0:57:54

Jemmo 778 M40-44 1:08:20

Timmy K 806 M18-24 0:58:16

MindoverMatter 808 M35-39 0:59:24

melchski 822 F25-29 1:09:38

Vernon 835 M40-44 1:07:51

ChrisK 840 M35-39 1:04:26

Gobbler 850 F30-34 1:03:17

tex 878 M35-39 1:18:48

Running Fool 880 M35-39 1:04:09

pretty boy 896 M35-39 1:02:45

canuck13 907 M40-44 1:06:24

BOTP II 944 M35-39 1:12:01

RCP 10-115

muts 1071 M40-44 1:16:31

Sunshine 1082 M30-34 0:58:57

coghead 1085 M25-29 1:00:16

GSP 1170 M35-39 1:09:08

MtbBoy 1173 M25-29 1:03:06

Rocket 1180 M50-54 1:09:58

AP 1192 M55-59 1:01:11

Prenda 1210 M30-34 1:12:30

Reefmanburger 1236 M35-39 0:53:26

MRE 1239 M30-34 1:19:39

latman 1282 M35-39 0:57:45

roxii 1284 M35-39 1:04:56

TwoBob 1328 M35-39 1:06:47

Trav 1336 M25-29 0:55:22

Smitty 1366 M45-49 1:11:07

Bourne 1375 M35-39 1:14:00

BigChris 1390 M45-49 1:17:24

Martin 1420 M35-39 1:11:59

DNT 1452 M45-49 1:11:44

Tudjmeister 1477 1:27:20

Avago 1495 M45-49 1:23:44

PV 15-022

leighton 1545 M25-29 1:01:39

Pete 1563 M40-44 1:20:44

Chopper 1587 M30-34 0:51:44

Lap dog 1602 M45-49 1:06:42

Paul Every 17-009

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Great, that takes time to trace the nos.




Pete: 1:20:44, with a broken collarbone

Rocket:1:09:58, similar.

Mooze:1:11:37, with the surf club background showing.

Dennis Ling (RF):1:04:29, he can crank up the bike and the run & he is on for a big day and he is likely to kill me for skipping him over.....watch him.

Form:57:58, another kona man if he wants it

Pretty Boy:1;02:45

Highwayman: 57:54, a bolter

Chopper: 51:44, near the pro's our top man, a double bolter

Prenda:1:12:30, been training?

The redoubtable Mr.Bourne, 1:14, steady, but might pick up

Muts:1:16, the same one I tipped for Kona :lol:

Vernon, 1:07, merely a training excercise, racing against coaches orders. :D


Everyone covered one way or the other.


The main race is hotting up well too, Getting Jabba again in about 30 mins.

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DTM, Macca and Luke might be happy to stay close together.


But good call on the ladies. Bentley has done it before, but the others will need to gap it out to well over 10 mins to make it interesting.

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I just read this on Ironman Live



Guy Andrews has come through the roundabout half way into his ride today; the adventure racer has only one pedal left on his bike!!!


He's surely doing it tough after a 47:36 swim.



:lol: What the? Can anyone explain?

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On course with OLT. Ben says gorgeous weather, best he's seen, no breath of wind, warm, not too hot. They reckon Kanangra Steve Firth looks really good. But everyones fast.



Mens race. Macca and Bell, they stick together, Ben says Bell looks awesome, but Maccas, Macca, so that's the race at 90k. Chris Legh dropped a fraction, but Mitch Anderson riding well may be making up ground.


Granger, Lawn and Ashton together. Bentley alone, but only 6 mins back. A couple of reports on Lawn says she looks strong.

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:D What the? Can anyone explain?

Im guessing one fell off.





See, stick at this sport long enough, you learn something. :D


Could be any number of things; broken, not tightened so fell off, you name it. This is when that single leg training really pays off.


And as for

Another confirmation, Jo Lawn looks good
well, of course we all knew that. :lol:


nige lunch, bags, then airport. Again. :lol:

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Having been there with Nick last year and seeing the chaos first hand, I'll guarantee he's absolutely flat out. Putting the pictures up takes a lot of time and if he's running his usual one-man-band there he won't be able to do pictures and run commentry at the same time.


Wish I was there to help

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