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IMNZ Race Updates

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How awesome is Vernon! Qualifying with a broken gear cable.


Anothewr HUGE congrats to Cathy Morgan (IronmanCLM) who met us at the transitions get-together but isn't such a regular here (she's s Slowtwitch kinda gal. tsk tsk! :lol:).


Cathy lives in San Franisco and did a time of 15:38 and in the F45-49 AG. About 10 minutes after the rolldown, I spotted Cathy (Vernon had filled me in on her news). I went bounding over to her, and she was standing there looking soooo dazed! Then she said "I need to find an internet connection". :D I am just so happy for Cathy. She's another one who deserves it (doesn't everyone). Her story is amazing and is a great example of why to stick around for the rolldown, even if you think you won't make it through. In her words "It just kept rolling and rolling and rolling".


PV, JimmyC, Avago and BigChris, looks like it was a good training preparation for Forster, so all is good... and what operfect conditions you guys had!



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I enjoyed your report, that sprint has inspired me, well done on lifting at the right time, truely awesome effort, you deserve it after all that bike trouble, lets pray that doesn't happen in Kona.


Good stuff, keep charging away !!!

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Congratulations on your Kona slot, sound slike you had to work hard for it.

Great to read that some people do put the effort in just at the right time and win the slot.

You still have to feel for the other 2 guys, they missed out by 1 or 2 places hard, just ask Jimmy.


Alll of the race reports are getting me in the mood for FIM, Jimmyc and Vernon thanks I will be think

about you write ups on the line in less than 4 weeks(ou crap it is less than 4 weeks to FIM) :D;)


I am going to hurt so much :D:lol:




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