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IMNZ Race Updates

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Bourne, just curious as to who will be doing your (this) job come IMA. Do you have anyone lined up yet?

hmmmm... yeah it will be a little tricky.


If I'm clever, I can maybe get something going where I can automate the whole lot.

But I doubt I'll be able to get it going in time.

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I saw Newman with his transitions cap, on the start of his second run lap. He looked so happy to be there! JoR was not far behind and (I can only assume) starting her first lap of the run.


It's really warming up here with a bite in the sun.

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Andersson is so disappointing. Lack of preparation? Hell, he was on Epic Camp out training everyone, per the daily reports.


Anyone can do all the work and still have a bad day. You never had a bad day K2???


I think I'd better stop typing right now.....

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So who's raffle tickets have a 5 in the middle??

AAAwwwwwww Crap!

No *5* for me.


who's running this damn thing. :lol::D



I reckon Cam was doggen it. Surely he could have gone 1 sec. faster.

or if not even 1 sec slower would have been ok.


Webswim is looking like he is in with a good shot. All 3 of his tickets have a 5 in the middle.

and if the womens winner finishes with a 1 sec. Webswim will be rolling sweetly. (tickets 051 & 151)

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Hi All,


Just letting you all know that I DNFed 5 km into the run. Legs just didnt want to work and I was having problems breathing. Had know idea Jimmy C was just so close to me. Found the wind on the second lap of the Bike very taxing, was expecting to ride sub 5 hrs after the first lap. Is very warm out there as well.



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what distance is the run split?


what's with the /mile? - I assume Vernon is not really running at 4:03/mile.

Run splits are (from what I have gatherd) is

split 1 = 13.1km

split 2 = 13.1km

split 3 = 16.0km



the */mile figure comes from ironmanlive.

Yanks can't work in metric.


I've been busy trying to reprogram to read the results clean out the crap bits and convert (some stuff was in imperial ie:bike speeds were in miles until I changed it all.


so that 4:03 is actually 4:03min/km

(they got the numbers right but not their units

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