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IMNZ Race Updates

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Transition Name Category Swim Swim Pace/100m Place T1 Accumulative Time Cycle Time Cycle Pace km/h Bike Place T2 Accumulative Time Run Split 1 13.1km Split Pace min/km Accumulative Time Run Split 2 29.1km Split Pace min/km Run Total Overall Run Pace Total Place Transition Name
Avago M4549 1:13:22 1:55 721 0:06:44 1:20:06 6:38:38 27.09 716 0:03:52 8:02:36 1:10:19 5:22 9:12:55 2:59:38 6:10 4:09:57 5:55 12:12:35 513 Avago
bbig004 M1824 1:21:10 2:08 917 0:06:06 1:27:16 6:27:03 27.90 689 0:08:04 8:02:23 1:45:41 8:04 9:48:04 5:04:42 10:28 6:50:23 9:43 14:52:48 983 bbig004
BigChris M4549 1:09:25 1:49 576 0:09:07 1:18:32 6:07:10 29.41 488 0:05:21 7:31:03 1:07:47 5:10 8:38:50 3:38:48 7:31 4:46:36 6:47 12:17:41 529 BigChris
jawa M3034 1:04:28 1:41 403 0:04:53 1:09:21 5:12:03 34.61 83 0:01:03 6:22:27                 DNF jawa
Jimmy C M3539 0:57:13 1:30 129 0:06:49 1:04:02 5:12:51 34.52 59 0:05:29 6:22:22 0:59:09 4:30 7:21:31 2:47:20 5:45 3:46:30 5:22 10:08:54 88 Jimmy C
JoR F3539 1:09:37 1:49 589 0:07:12 1:16:49 5:52:37 30.63 370 0:01:43 7:11:09 1:03:29 4:50 8:14:38 2:55:11 6:01 3:58:41 5:39 11:09:51 265 JoR
Newman M2529 1:03:03 1:39 348 0:05:42 1:08:45 6:03:04 29.75 388 0:02:29 7:14:18 1:02:35 4:46 8:16:53 2:48:54 5:48 3:51:29 5:29 11:05:49 250 Newman
Shuffler M3034 1:01:48 1:37 281 0:06:14 1:08:02 5:47:43 31.06 266 0:03:19 6:59:04 1:06:52 5:06 8:05:56 3:40:11 7:33 4:47:03 6:48 11:46:10 381 Shuffler
Vernon M4044 1:04:29 1:41 404 0:05:10 1:09:39 5:49:37 30.89 296 0:03:19 7:02:35 0:53:07 4:03 7:55:42 2:30:50 5:11 3:23:58 4:50 10:26:35 124 Vernon
Dan B M2529 1:00:13 1:35 228 0:05:15 1:05:28 5:35:12 32.22 174 0:03:04 6:43:44 0:56:09 4:17 7:39:53 3:59:40 8:14 4:55:50 7:00 11:39:37 359 Dan B
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Great pictures from Taupo - man that is a great venue.


Although I will admit I vowed never to return after last year's experience - freezing cold.


And this year the weather is just sensational. 21 water temp ! Hard to believe.


Looking forward to your updates Bourne.



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It's 5:05am (sydney) and looks like they are getting underway very soon, with competitors getting into the water.


Good luck to all transitioners racing, hope they all have a successful day.





The weather today, as it has been all week is looking quite superb, with light winds, a top temperature of 23C and the conditions right now, an hour before sunrise at 9C, cool, mild and calm.


Winds should peak at around 15km/h from the WSW, and that means the weather has 0% chance of rain.


It's going to be a beautiful day.


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Waay Cool man - I am about to leave for a couple of hours fishing - I will be back before they are off the bike.


Gunna strap myself into this favourite chair of mine, fill the fridge full of piss and watch the wonderful world of Ironman unfold! :lol:



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It's 5:05am (sydney) and looks like they are getting underway very soon
Thanks, Trev. Thought they raced tomorrow! Look forward to reading progress when I'm back from Peats Ridge!
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Results are starting to feed through so will be updating the table results shortly.



Live video must have been for the end of swim and start of bike for the front runners.

Video is now all sound checks and crap.

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27km into the bike for the leaders.

We have Bjorn Andersson out front ahead of Kieran Doe, Stephen Sheldrake, Cameron Brown, John van Wiesse.


The women leaders are Monica Caplan leading by 5:15 after 10km. Jo Lawn is 2nd 2mins ahead of Bella Comerford

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It's bloody close up front in the mens. The top 4 covered by 9 secs



1 Bjorn Andersson - SWE 55km

2 Stephen Sheldrake - NZL 0:00:02

3 Kieran Doe - NZL 0:00:07

4 Cameron Brown - NZL 0:00:09

5 John van Wisse - AUS 0:04:58

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It's ok Bourne, put the top guys up if you want.


:lol::D Mrs K is taking over the computer for work related stuff, she says whenever I'm finished......how about 7hrs :lol::D , she says NO.

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Great swim by Jimmy




I agree K2 I think Port Mac will have a little room to spare in the entry department.

but then as people warm to the idea it may do well anyway.

Since all the qualifier rounds all lead to IMOZ (no matter where it's held.

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Andersson is closely followed by Doe, Cam & Sheldrake.


Doe was the revalation last year but cracked and pulled th pin in Hawaii.

Sheldrake is a great swimmer and has led off the bike here before (2002) before pulling the pin on the run.


When Bjorn A was here in Sydney in January he said his tactic would be to ride more conservatively this year and pull a good run. He is now riding for RotorCranks so it will be interesting to see how it affects his run.


They are all on sub record pace anyway.


It will be interesting to see how riding faster affects Cams marathon.

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I was thinking Bjorn must be riding a little more conservate.

He is just holding a steady 12secs at the moment.



pity there is no bike splits like last year.

we could see how everybody is fairing on the bike.

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I don't think Port Mac will fill in the 1st year, there will be a mix of Forster resentment and a few waiting to see what happens, I think the interesting question will be will next years field be bigger than this years?

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Good call OLT. What a race !


Just about to hit the WT for a 3 hour session - will check back in an hour.


Good stuff Bourne - the Trannies are going well.


Jo Lawn is now 3:48 behind Monica Caplan.


Ronnie, as Bourne says, sound is OK from those links.



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Actually others may have slowed a bit as the pointy end of the field has spread out a little now. No longer just seconds apart they have all gone out by a few minutes.


1 Bjorn Andersson - SWE 118km BIKE

2 Stephen Sheldrake - NZL 0:03:15

3 Cameron Brown - NZL 0:03:18

4 Kieran Doe - NZL 0:03:22

5 Daniel Neiderreiter - AUT 0:11:45

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Ok, I'm heading off for a while. Enjoy the day folks. Just text me when I win the bike/wheels OK. I will be camped up on the beach sleeping under the stars. Hymie you have my number.


Hoo Roo.




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Buenos dias hermanos y hermanas.


Just got back from my first bunch road ride in nearly two years. Couple of things I found out. I really have lost weight 'cos everyone noticed, overall fitness has improved, 2.5 hrs on the bike is enough right now, and I'm still a completely crap climber :lol:


Hope your all well. I've tried connecting to the audio but everytime I do it knocks out my dial up connection :D


Vernon swam a 1.04.29 btw.


Has Nige DQ'd anyone yet? :lol::D

Edited by FatPom
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Good interview Bernie, interesting reading and I know how Armando feels :lol: .


Well done on the bunch ride FP, keep up the good work.


Bourne, 1st class as usual, but we expect nothing less.

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Into T2 Kieran Doe leads over Cameron Brown & Stephen Sheldrake.


Bjorn is riding back into town slowly, have blown out.

reported as having stated this not be his race after only a short training period for the race.

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