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Year of first Tri race?

Found 10 results

  1. Sorry about starting a new thread on this, but I really just want to know the basics. I've had a bit of a search on current threads but just get lost in the jargon as I'm a complete numpty when it comes to technology and gadgets. I currently don't have a Garmin, Smart Watch, GPS, Power Meter or Heart Rate Monitor etc. I don't even have a computer (or speedo) on my bike. I do have a very old & noisy Magna Trainer that my son bought from Aldi (for about $60) about 15 years ago that I use occasionally, but that's about it. So, due to circumstances beyond my control it looks like I'll
  2. Racing in real world is still a no go, but racing in magical fairy lands has hit an all time high. Post your planned races here and maybe some of us can line up on the virtual start line together.
  3. Guest

    Zwift and Windows 10 and me....

    Greetings all I've tried to download zwift onto my laptop which has all the right stuff to run the program. But, it won't download to ANYWHERE on the computer???? I've tried all the Zwift trouble shooting ideas.... Any ideas?? Running windows 10, tried disabling thr firewall while I downloaded it.....? FARK thanks
  4. The Zwift Academy had a successful year as a talent ID program for professional women's cycling in 2016, awarding a pro World Tour contract to the top successful graduate. Now it's expanded to include men's pro cycling as well with a partnership with Team Dimension Data. Top grads of the Academy under 22 years old will battle it out for a pro contract on the Team Dimension Data Continental Squad for 2018. There's a significant charitable component as well, with at least 500 bikes being donated to rural African communities to mobilize them towards key resources like
  5. Ok so the garage is almost ready for me to start using and I was going to get my bike set up for Zwift. I dont have a kickr (yet) so its a fluid trainer and a power tap hub. I lost all our old/ spare laptops and tablets in the "great tornado of 2015" so I will need to buy something new to run zwift so I canb have a dedicated setup so Ideally after the cheapest laptop I can get that will adequately run Zwift, anyone know what will do the job??
  6. roxii

    Who is Zwifting?

    Im not a fan of training by myself, even indoors So who is Zwifting and when do you Zwift if its a regular thing? Just wondering if there are folks I can ride with if I get on board. Favourite time to ride? Favourite course? Favourite workout?
  7. A Newer, Simpler Zwift on iOS Zwift is releasing their online cycling experience on iOS, so users can take part in the game on simple mobile devices like iPads and iPhones. Read more HERE
  8. Spotted on Strava today from the lead developer. I'd only heard about it, first time I've seen it. Interesting..... What's the treadmill arena looking like for smarts? ANT/Bluetooth? A few more pics and my thoughts here:
  9. Opportunity for a few free beers or an informal Tranny meet up ?? Save the date! Zwift is coming back Down Under and to celebrate we're throwing two events you're not going to want to miss. Join us in Sydney and Melbourne for a fun filled night mixing it up with other Zwifters in real life. If you're feeling competitive, bring a partner and come ready to ride in our 2-up TT races. We've got prizes on the night for the fastest men's and women's teams. SYDNEY Wednesday, May 4th | 6PM - 10PM Rapha Cycle Club, 4/410 Crown Street MELBOURNE Friday, May 6th | 6PM - 10PM Volvo Cars Bilia, 441
  10. Hi all, I was invited to the Zwift soiree on Friday night at Rapha in Sydney. They were showcasing their technology, announcing that Zwift is now in "open Beta" mode and also running a "race" which was won by a Tranny. Have a read and see a few piccys here: http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=266
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