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Year of first Tri race?

  1. Tyno

    Run Hundred

    In the same vein as Winter Fish, also inspired by a ST idea I've never done with them, comes: Run Hundred What's it about? It's about running. For 100 days. NOT continuously, but consistently. What constitutes a run? 20 minutes or more of running in one session. What is running? If you classify what you're doing as running, then it counts. Run/walk, water run, slow jog, sprint interval, whatever. What if I run more than once in a day? If you have more than one session in a day that has 20 minutes of running in it, each one counts. When does it start? I will start on Fr
  2. Another year ticked off - same same, so how did everyone go? Me..... Swim - 154.3km (up) Bike - 6851km (down) Run - 1415km (down) Yoga - None (same) Raced - a few times 😏 Previous years 2016 - 2016 2015 - 2015 2014 - 2014 2012/13 - 2012 -2013
  3. Good morning to all the triathlete or future ones :). My name is Marco, I am new to the forum turning 47 in few months and I have a dream, finishing 5 Ironman in 5 continents by the age of 50. I do consider myself as an average normal guy but with a huge passion for triathlon. I will attend my first Ironman next year in Italy (Ironman Emilia-Romagna), anybody did it or is planning to do it? Other reason of this thread is to connect with triathlete that share the same passion and maybe have the chance to train with some of them. I am living in Krakow (Poland), so if you are in the area please d
  4. Long shot but wondering if anyone here has ear drum surgery (myringoplasty) and can give me an idea of recovery time so I can judge getting back to swim training for Sunny coast 70.3? Story: burst my eardrum for the second time in my life last year. Permanent hole in the drum that needs surgery to repair. Can swim though only with plugs and even then there is an increased risk of ear infections. Doc seems to suggest that a month of no water in the ear at all post surgery but I'm chasing down anecdotal evidence as to when returning to the pool may be realistic. I'm scheduled for the su
  5. Hi Folks, Just thought I would share a run interval / speed set I do, along with my guys, generally in their race specific phase, 3-4 weeks out from their 'A' event. The key thing I want to see out of this one is not pure speed, but to see how consistent they can get the time on each interval. Perfect if you can do this on a track, otherwise a nice flat consistent ground is just as good. Total set is 10km, however the reps can be reduced or increased according to 'A' race distance. Warm up - 2km and include drills of choice. If on the track, do the drills down the straights and jog
  6. Hi Trannies. I’m a relative newbie on the forum and have been following a number of discussions with interest. I tried to find an existing thread which answered my queries, but couldn’t exactly get what I’m after. Apologies if there is one and it slipped by my searching! Scenario So I’m hoping for some more experienced advice for an upcoming race. I’m planning ahead for my third 70.3 at the Sunny Coast in 2017 and trying to figure out a plan of attack. In this event my A goal is sub 5 hours and B goal is as close to 5 as possible. I’ve raced at this event previously in
  7. Dear triathlon community, I need your insights and experience for my master thesis at NOVA School of Business and Economics in Portugal. This survey is about triathlon training routines. If you are an active racing triathlete or plan to participate in a triathlon, this questionnaire is for you! You would help me a lot by filling it out and sharing it among other triathletes or triathlon interested friends. It won’t take longer than 10 minutes. Of course, your data remains completely anonymous and confidential. Thank you so much in advance! Link to survey: https://novasbe.az
  8. Turts

    Ultra to Olympic

    So, my last few years have been focussed around completing long events - 70.3, Ironman and 50/100km trail runs. Last year i did Husky LD, 50km run, 50km run, 100km run, IMWA, and 50km run. This was all in a vain attempt to prepare for my peak race of UTA100. Which, as we all know, fell over at the 58km mark. But, my plan was that this was my peak race, after which i would just back down and do a season of shorter events, most probably only Olympic distance and a couple of local sprints. Ive looked at a bunch of Olympic training plans, but most seem to be catering for those ventur
  9. As promised Ruley is giving us a ten week training program called "Ruley Basic Busso" to help us get to the start line and hopefully use the forum to coordinate some company for the longer days. For now we have some dates to pencil into your calendar to save for the LONG days. Check it out HERE
  10. Next week I am getting a wisdom tooth removed. I am trying to workout what I will be able to do training wise once it is out. I am guessing swimming might be an issue with infection? Running ok except pain? Cycling probably easiest of the lot? Any input welcome. I will try to front load the training week a bit to take training stress off later, just trying to work out how to best load it.
  11. Hi Guys, I want to have a crack qualifying for cross worlds in 2016 Lake Crackenback. I have zero mountain bike riding experience. and zero knowledge of the bikes and what to look for. never done and off-road triathlon. I will be mainly getting my fitness road riding as I don't have a lot of time to travel to the the trails being in Sydney's eastern suburbs (unless you know of somewhere close?) Firstly I need a bike. I can see the first debate is dual suspension vs Hardtail.......? I would like a decent bike, so something that will not make it harder than it needs to be. I know a
  12. I am new to the Glenroy/Pascoe vale area and are looking for swim, bike and run training groups nearby. I am gradually getting my bearings but need some local advice. Any info anyone can provide would be really helpful.
  13. Hi there Up in Coogee for a weeks holiday. Brought the bike but no car. Want to do a few training rides, ideally looking to cover distances between 50km and 120km with as little stop start as possible (wishful thinking maybe!!). Really appreciate any tips and advice on where to go. Many thanks. J
  14. roxii

    Lachie's Blog

    In the latest installment of Lachie's blog, Lachie guides us through a long course build week and an announcement on his impending plans. http://www.transitions.org.au/showarticle.php?cid=94&p=10 Edit: Sorry guys link fixed. Was doing this while pumpkin carving
  15. Toolish

    Swim Week

    I am trying to work out the best way to structure a swim training week. I have always just sort of got in and swam without a lot of structure but shortly I am looking to do a bit of a block. The plan is to do 3 sessions of about 45 minutes each plus 1 session 1 hour long per week, may be able to extend the session length a bit but that is the base line. Any ideas on how to structure those sessions would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Swimming about four times / week. One of the sessions I aim to a main set of (currently 20x) 100s @ x pace. What's a good way to progress this set over the next 6 months (keeping in mind, IM distance)? Should I just keep ramping up the interval time, and # of reps as I make each completion? Or should I instead drop the interval distance (or increase it?) and work off an appropriate time base for those distances?
  17. How to become a better Time Trialist. www.cyclingtips.com.au/2014/04/how-to-become-a-better-time-trialist/ I have rabies and can't embed links.
  18. I run/ride most days from the wilds of Lane Cove into the city, and am thinking of doing some swim training on the way to work. The three obvious options without too much of a detour are Lane Cove Olympic/Bluefit, North Sydney Olympic, and Boy Charlton. I've checked out the websites, prices etc, but curious to hear others' experiences at the facilities, quieter days/times to go etc. Work and life in general make getting to classes/squads too hard most weeks, so just looking to churn out a few laps 1-2 a week without being swamped by kids or serious insects. Not really a gym bunny, and would ra
  19. Hi Triathletes, I am an 18 year old ex-swimmer, newbie triathlete, from Canada, and i am looking for a training partner (preferably female) that would like to train with me during the week. I live in Sydney in vaucluse (near rose bay and watsons bay) would be great if you want to either swim, run, or cycle. Let me know if you live close bay and are interested! Thanks
  20. There are quite a few interesting posts stemming from the thread about the perfect Ironman training week and I'm interested in pulling this one out to see what others think. In particular, I was interested in this post from slice, in which he states his long runs were all done at 5-6 min/km pace, yet he managed to run a very impressive (and probably within the top 1% of the field) 3h10min run last year at Port. In my last Ironman, where my long runs have all been done at 4:40-4:45min/km pace for up to 2.5hrs, I ended up averaging 5:12min/km for the IM mara. This is inline w
  21. Hi All I'm hiring an Assistant Manager for Sydney's premier indoor cycling studio.. If you're interested in finding out more, please click on the link below. http://sydney.athlete-lab.com/blog/16/Athlete+Lab+-+Assistant+Manager#.UXh7ubV9uSr Thank you. Graham
  22. Going to be living in Perth in early March What are the go to riding spots, Training groups, Pools? Looking to be living Nth of the river Thanks
  23. Who's heading up to Bright for this great riding event over Aus day weekend? What distance are you doing, hows your training going, what are you looking forward to the most. I'll go first. 200km , Training is pretty solid Dec was my last build month racking up 1000km on the road and a couple of thousand meters of climbing. What I'm looking forward to most is the awesome festival at the finish back in Bright that and the Frosty Fruits!!!
  24. Hi all, I've been lurking around for a while but not really posting. I've got the Geelong Long Course coming up in a little over a month, this will be my first Half Ironman Distance race. I've been including some ride/run brick sessions in my training but have really been doing it with little to no science. Just to give me a bit of piece of mind over the last few weeks of training (or something to worry about), how long should I have built these brick sessions up to, and what intensity should I be doing them at? Is it something that I should look at shortening up in the last 1-
  25. Morning all, I'll start my "specific" training for IM Melb in about a month's time. I'm thinking a 12 week build and 2 week taper (3 week run taper). It's my first IM and I'm looking to go sub-10 (58-62min swim; 5-5:20 bike; 3:15-3:35 run). Trying to figure out the best way to structure my weeks. I won't be working (not full time, at least) and will re-start uni mid-February, so I will have the freedom to, by-and-large, train when and as much/little as I like What I'm doing now is about 15hrs/week of base/conditioning including about 10-15kms in the pool, 55-65kms of running and 2
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