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Year of first Tri race?

Found 3 results

  1. rory-dognz

    IMNZ 2020

    Under 2 months to go, who is doing the race? My training is going well, endurance is building nicely in the swim and on bike. My run will be what it will be. So far this year all my swimming has been in the sea. Slight changes to the bike course this year which I can't see making much difference.
  2. The summary is Swim: loved the mass start, had a great swim, knew was pushing pace, 1 hr 26min Bike: rode as hard as could, not feeling any love in first lap, second lap got puncture but enjoyed more 6hr52min Run: rolled dice on pace and dice didn’t come up, decided to play safe and walk home 5hr42min Total 14hr20min Got same medal, t-shirt and towel as everyone else. Pre Race I have had a fairly good build up, training almost always alone, on my own program. Did some enjoyable training including not using indoor trainer since Dec, all swimming but 1 in open
  3. Can i be elevated to the IM 'hall-of-fame' for 3 IM cancellations "back to back"? IM Japan 2010 IM China 2011 IM NZ 2012 Anyone know if my sorry a$$ could get nominated/aligned next to mark Allen, Dave Scott, C Wellington, etc as the guy with the most IM cancellation under his belt? Maybe I could get sponsored by NRMA or something. To all the 'jokers' out there beware, I will smile and grin to the tune of "S**t happens", Plenty comedians in Taupo before race day, soon as I found out cancellation I cracked up! Melbourne in 2 weeks as a precaution, Plenty of jokers back then too when i si
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