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Year of first Tri race?

Found 9 results

  1. Hey all First time poster, first Sprint at Kurnell on the 24th! I signed up for this Sprint 12 weeks ago and have started swimming, cycling, running. Im from the UK so didnt really do much swimming and now I can just about finish 750m in the pool with a break at each 50m 😕 started swimming at Balmoral between the cones, and can safely get around 600, floating on my back just to catch my breath. 6 days out im starting to get a little nervous and just wanted to ask: - can I mention to the safety staff that its my first time in a race environment just in case something happ
  2. So who will be there? I stepping up for my first long course tri, having done Forbes standard earlier this year. I'm having freak outs regarding if I have enough nutrition, enough electrolytes, really I just don't want to cramp or bonk , or even chafe too badly as I have other races closely following...
  3. The Kingy Tri is back! Come celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event with us! With the rising of the sun on Sunday the 23rd of November, people young and old, boys and girls will once again merge on the shores of Kingscliff to participe in the Kids, Tempta, Sprint or Olympic distance Triathlon. There are twelve event categories on offer to cater for everyone, no matter age or fitness level. Tempta and Sprint distances are perfect for those who are not quite ready to tackle the full Olympic distance. Participants can also choose to only compete in one leg in the Olympic or Sprint
  4. The Kingscliff Triathlon is situated in one of the most stunning coastlines in Australia. Swim in the safe Cudgen Creek, cycling along the coast line on the flat and fast course and run by the beach in either the Junior, Tempta or Olympic Events. Run biannually in March and November. November also has the Australian University Championships incorporated into its event program. Friends, families and spectators are invited to attend and enjoy a great community event with kids, learn to try, sprint and Olympic distance races offering something to everyone. Bring the family and fr
  5. Further to JGF's topic about cutting back, and Peter's about the plethora of long course races, I often see a lot of comments on here about people who train all year round but who only do a couple of races a year. I'm far from the pointy end, but I love taking part in races. I don't care what the distance is. For the last few years I've raced up to a dozen sprint tris, 3 OD's and 2 HIM/LC per year. This year I'm doing my first IM in Cairns so will only be doing one other LC (HB100) but will still do a couple of OD's and as many sprint races as I can get to (including duathlons and aqua
  6. I should be finishing this event in about 12 hours time. Jagged the last wave, so could well be in line for DFL. At least in the last handful based on my Raby Bay placing in my category. I know a few others said they'd be there, so, how did you go? (Presuming you're sensible and in bed now)
  7. Triathlon sprint Triathlon sprint is an iphone application that provides a workout plan for who are beginners in triathlon or who want to improve their athletic training. Just go on 'app store' and search for Triathlon Sprint. In addition to the training program, there are also motivational quotes ... that always help. In the next update I add also a checklist.
  8. Anyone watch the race today? Looked like a very tough race with a crit style bike course, cobblestones and a few hills thrown in on the run. Very exciting to watch! Pretty impressive performance by the Aussies with Royle out of the water in 4th place and stayed with the lead bunch for the whole ride and Dan Wilson working hard on the chase pack and having a pretty good run. Gomez had another incredible run coming for behind to finish second but it looked like he was going to get J Brownlee but ran out of real estate. Just about to start watching the women now...
  9. Hey everyone, Seems there is plenty of discussion for the first Kurnell race, being based in Melb im keen to hear who's racing from trannies at StKilda on Sunday and what are you aiming for..... Podium just finish ect and what category you are racing in.
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