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Year of first Tri race?

Found 10 results

  1. Google tells me there are a ton of options - so after recommendations please Doesn't need to be to big - a change of clothes at most Comfort is the main priority Cheers Rob
  2. Have a matter in Toowoomba I need assistance with.
  3. Crashed again today and went straight down on the shoulder I busted in 2017. I'm too old to break shit now, are there any MTB shoulder & knee guards that I can get which will not be too bulky or hinder pedaling?
  4. Need recommendations for good physio in Brisbane to get me back to running from ongoing knee issue. Prefer CBD or Northside. Cheers MRI reveals no damage to cartilage, ligaments or tendons but some chondromalacia and a few other big words..
  5. Has anyone used these wheels? Anyone got feedback or know if they use decent hubs? http://www.flocycling.com/
  6. New car arrives Monday and ticked the roof rack box on the order form to save the interior. What are the better options for a roof rack bike mount? Will be used to transport my roadie and tri bikes - both with carbon forks. I think I'm leaning toward one that will lock the forks onto the mount - is this safe/viable with carbon forks? Tri bike will soon have deep rear wheel - I presume some extension may be required to secure it to the rack?
  7. Hello, I tried to search previous threads but didn't come up with anything useful. Could anyone here in Brisbane recommend a remedial massage therapist? I usually see Alana at W'Gabba but can't seem to find her these days. Thanks.
  8. I know this has been done before, but was wondering if there is anything new to the market or what stand people swear by.
  9. Hi All, Just after some recommendations and considerations as to good bike carrier systems and brands. Looking for tow-bar mounted ideally as I don't have roof racks and I'll probably be doing some reasonably long trips with it this season (carbon bike if that makes any difference). What does everyone use? What are some of the traps to look out for or any good tips? What is a reasonable price and where's the best place to get them? Thanks in advance.
  10. Mr Blonde

    Bike Racks

    Anyone have any experience with towbar mounted bike racks I'm guessing that the ones that suspend the bike by the top tube aren't the best for carbon bikes That leaves the tray type - thoughts / recommendations Thanks Rob
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