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Year of first Tri race?

Found 18 results

  1. I am trying to transfer workouts from my Training Peaks (free version, if that makes a difference) to my Garmin 510. I have figured out how to get the workout onto my 510, but when I go to do the workout, the power expected is not what it should be for that zone. EG - Warm Up: 5 min @ 145 W (Zone 2, 111-149 W) Warm Up: 20 min @ 172 W (Zone 3, 150-179 W) But when I go into the workout on my Garmin it looks like this:
  2. Just wondering if anyone uses their Garmin to give alerts for power workouts. e.g. I want to do 10 minutes @ 200 watts. I tried setting a lower limit @ 190 and an upper @ 210 but because of the variability of power it just beeps at me the whole time! I would rather it alert based on the average to that point in the interval or a 30 second average or something for some smoothing but it seems to rely on instant or 3 second power? Any suggestions or set-ups welcome.
  3. I'm not very good at riding smooth, I'm trying to learn to be better. I'm worst at hills/rollers. So with Husky coming up and the course being rolling I'm after some Power advice for riding the hills. Last year my recorded power said I had a difference of 25w between NP and average, I'd like to get that closer. So obviously the perfect way is if you're going to ride at 200w then the terrain doesn't matter and you dial in 200w and just sit there. But come on that's not very practical. Do you cap it at FTP? 110% FTP? Other?
  4. Yup, me again! I'm hoping to get some feedback and thoughts from the power geeks and possibly encourage a bit of discussion around pacing and adjusting the effort from this weekend's race to be able to run well off a 180km ride in 9 weeks time. I know there are quite a few of us on the same boat who have used this race as a bit of a benchmark to see where we are at with our training as the build up to Busso starts (9 weeks to go!) so hopefully this will be useful to others too. I am also interested in working out if it is possible to estimate my CdA based on the data from this ride wit
  5. OK, so 6W/kg for an hour is the ballpark figure you need to be capable of to be a Grand Tour contender. Given that so many of us have power meters now, I think it would be fun to realise how shite we are in comparison to GT cyclists. So, go look at your power data and out yourself on this list, writing down how long you can hold 6W/kg for BTW, put 'P' after your time if your data is from an actual power meter, 'S' if it's from Strava calculations and if you got it from somewhere else then write down where from. Riders Vincenzo Nibali: 1h Donncha: 1m 48s (P) (510W @ 85kg)
  6. Up for sale is my DTSwiss PowerTap wheel Price: $300 Purchased new from wheelbuilder.com in November 2010 Good condition, used no where near as much as it should have been. Battery replaced a few months ago PowerTap Elite Rim type: RR 465 gray 32H Shimano/SRAM 10 speed free hub body At this point, I am only offering local pick up from the Tweed Heads area (I'm worried about postage/couriers and damage to the wheel/electronics). PM me if you need more information/are interested in the wheel http://s993.photobucket.com/user/Mybikerack/media/photo3.jpg.html?sor
  7. Zipp Flastpoint FP60/FP80 Combo with Cycleops Powertap PRO+ Hub. Great wheelset for training/racing with power! No tyres/cassette. Will post with skewers. Shimano/SRAM 10sp cassette body. Asking $1200 ono
  8. Hey power experts. I am training using power in cool temps (Sydney - single digits or low teens). I will be racing Vegas in hot temps (possibly 40+). As I race using power as a guide - is there a simple way to work out what power I should race to in the heat? - My logical assumption (which may not be correct) is that in the heat, I should set lower power thresholds for the race. I don't currently use HR as a metric. How does it work?
  9. Ironnerd

    Not Normal?

    Has anyone downloaded and read "Not Normal? An insight into doping and the 21 biggest riders from LeMond to Armstrong to Evans" ? http://www.joomag.com/magazine/alternativ-editions-not-normal/0269766001370594539 The book examines mountain rides and labels performances across an index of suspicion versus believability. They do this by estimating the power for each climb. I am wondering if it is a interesting read.
  10. Just bought a Power2max PM from the Aust/New Zealand distributor, cost under a grand took 4 days to be delivered (1/2 day and pretty easy to install) and I've been using it for a week now. The PM is excellent although I have only used it half a dozen times. I wanted to get crank based pm and only looked seriously at this one after the good review it got from DC Rainmaker. the guys at http://www.bikecycle.co.nz/ were fantastic, called them around 3 times checking various things out then emailed around 3/4 times etc no problems, really know thier stuff. Now I have the first loads
  11. I'd be interested in seeing some power profiles posted for the Melbourne ride. Did you ride to your target power, lower, higher? Even with a shortened swim it looked like the marathon times were pretty fast amongst the top age groupers and I am wondering if having a windy day on the bike has actually contributed to a lower average power output and therefore faster runs? Also was there a tailwind on the run? Would be interested to hear people's thoughts on this. Cheers, Rog
  12. Question for the Power people: I used 20 minute test to calculate FTP - using protocol from "Training & Racing With a Power Meter" - 2nd Ed (Allen & Coggan) When I download my data, I get different Averages from Garmin Connect and WKO+ Garmin Connect says AVG for 20 mins is 257w WKO+ says AVG for 20 mins is 252w WKO+ says Norm for 20 mins is 257w Which number do I calculate my FTP off? (257 or 252) IE is my FTP 244 or 239 (avg - 5%) No comments about my poor power numbers please..........
  13. Hi all, I'm hoping one of the power experts will be able to provide some guidance on an issue I've been having with my Powermeter (Pro+ hub) lately. The hub seems to be working fine and I can only assume the battery is also OK as I haven't had any drop out issues but sometimes I will get completely random, usually overestimated power reading on my Garmin. For instance I jumped on the trainer this morning and started pedalling at 400-500W (just warming up) and then was doing some 5min efforts at 600W+ just for giggles. The power numbers just keep jumping up and down with no "pat
  14. As per title Brand New Quarq, 172.5mm crank arms Still in box (completely sealed & unopened), was hoping to return... As per CRC link: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=51613 Reason for sale: I am stupid.... i bought wrong model - i need a GXP to fit my frame My mistake will mean u get a nice discount on a Quarq - dont forget to factor in 10%GST & $50 processing fee when comparing online prices $1600 ono with free registered post
  15. Do you think they will ever get down to this price range ? From my limited knowledge, they can be picked up for about $800 now. Correct me if I'm wrong
  16. Interesting data from Training Peaks One of Crowies rides Pre Kona Duration - 5:02:17 Distance - 102.63 Miles Speed - 34.1kph Avg Watts - 196/226 normalised Interesting stuff.... https://www.trainingpeaks.com/sw/HKN35REFKJFPADUKVHQ3K7BTRY
  17. Out riding today and suddenly both my cadence and power stopped reading on my Edge 500. HR, speed(from GPS I assume) , distance etc was still working. Thought initially it might be my huge wattage shorting out the PT but then woke up... It might be time for a battery change in sensor and hub- how hard is it to do the hub one? It is a bit funny that both dropped at exact same moment? This is what i was running... Garmin edge 500 Garmin HRM strap Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor Cyclops Powertap Elite+.
  18. 30min Video of Hunter Allen analysis of Luke McKenzie Vs Tim O'Donnell power data, pretty interesting, Ill let you watch but some of the power numbers some people throw around here they should be riding a lot faster....
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