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Year of first Tri race?

Found 4 results

  1. though it was about time I made a contribution on my experiences with triathlon. On how I got into it and why I stay involved. In 2007 I did my first triathlon. I had actually trained for a triathlon back when I was 21 (quite a while back) but managed to develop planta fasciitis which hung around for 20 years or so. Post children I decided to start running and this time I used the “coach potato to injury free running in six weeks” programme (and to be honest I was definitely a potato) – It was a total game changer. Within months I was training for my first half marathon and th
  2. OK for the old fellas out there or those with in interest.... I spent a great day going through the old newspaper archives yesterday and can now reveal.... that the pre-race entertainment at the Noosa Drive in was "Porky's II" oh and some results and pics PDF version: Noosa Tri 1983 individuals ra.pdf Love that transition area.... Note that contrary to some reports the race organiser for the first three years was always referred to as Dave Power (Marathon runner & 2 time Olympian) who owned a motel on the river at Noosaville at the time a
  3. Any Sydney based Trannies driving up from Sydney for the Noosa Tri, with room for another bike? Asking for a friend (honest) 😁
  4. Hi all Some photos from the Noosa Triathlon, and later, other parts of the Noosa Tri Multi Sport Festival: Noosa Tri: Men's Winner Peter Kerr Women's Winner Ashleigh Gentle Looking sharp Superman is in da house Panning the camera with a lower shutter speed (plenty of other examples in the gallery) Galleries: Main photo gallery on the 2012 Noosa Triathlon (339 pics): http://smu.gs/SPpI4J Extra gallery of UN-Edited images of the 2012 Noosa Triathlon (2257 pics! ): http://smu.gs/SDNvEH Thanks for looking! Regards Des
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