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Year of first Tri race?

Found 12 results

  1. wombattri

    Busso 2019

    Who’s in for this (besides me)? I have Noosa Tri first, then Busso. My first time in WA. Any advice welcome - humorous or otherwise...
  2. Guest


    SO? Is IMWA continuing past this year? I saw that they're throwing slots at it, to boost entries I presume?? Not a good sign IMO. Please explain?
  3. Hello all, it's been a long time since I've been an "active member" on the forum but thought I'd post my race report from IMWA for those interested. IRONMAN WESTERN AUSTRALIA – RACE REPORT (M30-34 AG) This was to be my 7th iron distance race but first under the guidance of Alex Price of AP10. There was quite a shift in the way that my training was being done but most notably there was an increase in intensity in almost all elements of my training but primarily my bike. I signed up for Busso after not having the race I wanted to in Port this year and was really keen to have a good, solid r
  4. ozzybuds

    IMWA 2016

    Is it too early for a thread on this? I'm registered, flights, accommodation & car hire booked. Wife & kids are coming with me. Getting so excited that I might start to think about going for a swim at some stage. Just wondering which other Trannies are planning on having a crack this year? Will there be a Beer Mile? Do any Busso veterans have some good tips for both racing the event and hanging around the area during IM week?
  5. IRONMAN WESTERN AUSTRALIA – RACE REPORT – Scott Connolly (M25-29 AG) This was my 5th iron distance race now, 2nd in 2014 and a race I was quite confident going into. I went into the race with the same mentality as I did at IMOZ where I just wanted to aim to tick the sessions off without too much thought. As always, the goal was just to be consistent throughout the year and I think I hit a pretty good percentage of sessions my coach, Benny, had prescribed. I did a little hit out 6 weeks before at Huskisson sprint just to get a bit of confidence – I came 11th OA and 2nd the AG so I was happy
  6. Sometimes I get a little slack and mean to write up a race report, or I reminisce about some of the better reports I have read and despair that might will never match up to the humour of Otter’s, or the shear speed of Lachie94’s. Then again, as I was talking to someone about earlier this week, Triathlon is one of those sports (for the majority) that is not raced at the pointy end against others, but as a race against yourself, while in the company of others also racing themselves. I can hope that writing up my races can in the least make people smile and possibly help encourage them to do som
  7. I'm going to lay it all out on the table. Let me start by saying I know everything I've done wrong to this point. I accept it. I need help now to figure out what I can do in the very short period of time there is left. Judgment is unnecessary. I am hte toughest critic of myself. So, here goes. This will be my first IM. I've completed 2 HIM since May, both performed poorly. I am around 15 kilos heavier than would be ideal for hitting the start line of an IM. I've done drastically insufficient training. Two reasons, 1) I've had a crap 6 months or so personally. I've been eating and d
  8. Does anyone know where I can get a full set of IMWA results to ponder over? one you can download into excel?
  9. I'm wondering if anyone has done both Busso and Port Mac and is able to please share some insight? Specifically, what I am trying to determine is, all things being equal (i.e. weather, getting pacing/nutrition right etc), how much faster is Busso as a course than Port Mac? I did a 9:48 at IMOZ this year (59/5:16/3:26 + transitions). What I'm trying to work out is, with the same fitness in the 3 disciplines, can I hope that the faster course at Busso would give me a full 20 mins (and get me to a ~9:28)? I'm aware there are countless variables - but just trying to get a baseline. Also, is it
  10. So who is in for 2014? 2014 Onsite Entries Open – Mon 9 Dec 2013 Yes, we are talking 2014 already! SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia, Busselton entries will open onsite for the following year’s event for the first time in Australia. Event Details Event Name: SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia Date: Sunday 7 December 2014 Entry Fee: $760 AUD (including GST, excludes Triathlon Australia One-Day Membership and Active fee) Onsite Entry Details Date: Monday 9 December 2013 Time: 9.00am – 11.00am Location: Check In / Change Tent, Signal Park Triathlon Australia Priority entr
  11. I’m after some bike pacing advice from the Bike experts and those who’ve raced Busso. I’m OK with pacing a 70.3 but no experience with IM’s (my 1 and only was nearly 20 years ago). Run is my strength so want to ensure I don’t overcook the bike and can put in a decent run and at the same time ideally race the IM and keep myself competitive in my AG. BACKGROUND: cycling is my weaker leg. I’ve done a reasonable volume of biking over the last 6 months (averaging 6-8+ hours per week at reasonable intensity). However in terms of an Ironman preparation not ideal with only 4 “long” rides of 4 h
  12. Heading over for Busso with a mate and our respective other halves, and looking at the logistics. All the cheap accommodation has long gone, but we've found a house in fairly close, albeit at the appropriate daily rate. Looks like there are limited flights from Perth to Busso, so although we wont need a car for the race weekend, we might have to hire a car and drive down, although four adults, two bikes, and a baby will need decent size car. Any sage advice from Trannies that have been there done that ? Thanks!
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