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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. johnp

    Stages crank

    Hi All, I'm wanting to invest in a power meter early in the new year. I need something I can use between two bikes and three wheel sets, so am looking at either the Garmin Vector or Stages units. The Stages is considerably cheaper, and will do what I want, but I'm concerned about the crank options. My TT bike (2010 Felt B12) uses Ultegra cranks, my road bike (2013 Trek Madone 4.5) uses a Shimano R565 crank, so which stages crank do I use? Can I buy an Ultegra Stages crank and use it on both bikes? Could I just use a 105 Stages crank on both bikes, or do I have to upgrade the cr
  2. My PT died and the the company says new one required disappointed with my experience and thinking of dropping the whole PT idea and going to: a crank based SRM or Quarq or may be even the Look Power pedals. A few questions for those of you who have used them: The SRM and Quarq can come with a multitude of cranks which one should I go for and is there any real difference? I am between SRAM S975 GXP FSA SL-K Light Rotor 3D with normal or Q-rings In addition to the Durace 7800 option for the SRM would there be any difference between them? I know there are people
  3. A technical maintenance question. Is this the right extracting tool https://twitter.com/#!/GrantCall/status/155504614207258624/photo/1 For this set up ? https://twitter.com/#!/GrantCall/status/155504570536173569/photo/1 Tool goes in fine but when doing the extracting part is very difficult to get going. Seems to want major force but that concerns me. Thanks
  4. Possibly should be in Tri Trade but I am trying to source the plastic tool to remove dust cap on hollowtech shimano 105 crank. I already have the BB removal tool, so do not need the combination version. Just the small plastic circle tool. Any advice ?
  5. There is always talk about new frames, wheels and componentry. Does the other stuff make a difference? Pedals, Cranks etc. Should I be looking to upgrade my old Shimano pedals and FSA crank if they seem to be working fine?
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