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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. Another club profile is up on the website, it is TriFreedom from Tamworth, a club with loftier goals than PB's or KQ's. http://www.transitions.org.au/showarticle.php?cid=139&p=5
  2. Hi all, Just moved to Brissie and I'm looking to get settled and would like some suggestions on where to live and triathlon clubs etc. I'll be working in the cbd and want to live within a few Kms of the city. Though I'm not really into hitting the clubs anymore I'd still like to be near cafes/restaurants and would prefer a bit of a village type feel (not asking much am I). I'm been looking at Bulimba, Hawthorne, New Farm, Teneriffe.... I'd love suggestions and also where some Tri clubs/pools/running groups etc are located. Would greatly appreciate your thoughts S
  3. What is the difference in structure between the different Tri clubs in different states? Is there any? Cronulla is mainly a gathering of like minded people and volunteers, they run cheap races and free group training sessions. There are no ongoing costs apart from club membership fees. I believe this is the case for the majority of clubs in NSW, is this the same in other states or are they run differently and charge differently?
  4. I need a CC guru to explain a few things... Is there a way to get an Elite Cycling Licence without joining a CC? As far as I can tell fFast (I'm from Brisbane) you can join to get the licence however it allows you the freedom to race whenever and where ever you want (provided the race isn't for other CC members only) ... is this right? I would like to start racing, but I want to continue to ride with my local tri club so the benefits of club rides wouldn't be much use to me and racing would be limited to 4-5 local crits races a year. One small thing I'm not sure about, how do I kno
  5. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good running clubs - either track or other on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I know there are Sydney Striders - they sound good - I've done a race with them before in Lane Cove. I have also done about 3 mths with Barry Golding (Manly Running Academy). But there arent too many triathletes - mainly kids surprisingly. I heard about one at the Sydney Institute of Sport )or whatever its called) on Wakehurst Pkwy. Anyone know when these guys run, and how much it is etc? Cheers
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