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Year of first Tri race?

Found 6 results

  1. though it was about time I made a contribution on my experiences with triathlon. On how I got into it and why I stay involved. In 2007 I did my first triathlon. I had actually trained for a triathlon back when I was 21 (quite a while back) but managed to develop planta fasciitis which hung around for 20 years or so. Post children I decided to start running and this time I used the “coach potato to injury free running in six weeks” programme (and to be honest I was definitely a potato) – It was a total game changer. Within months I was training for my first half marathon and th
  2. Hey all First time poster, first Sprint at Kurnell on the 24th! I signed up for this Sprint 12 weeks ago and have started swimming, cycling, running. Im from the UK so didnt really do much swimming and now I can just about finish 750m in the pool with a break at each 50m 😕 started swimming at Balmoral between the cones, and can safely get around 600, floating on my back just to catch my breath. 6 days out im starting to get a little nervous and just wanted to ask: - can I mention to the safety staff that its my first time in a race environment just in case something happ
  3. I completed my first sprint tri this March and had an absolute blast doing so. But the concept of an Ironman sends tingles down my spine; I would love to complete one of these races (and being absolutely cliché, I'd love for it to be Kona, but we can ignore that). I've been thinking about 2014/2015 races (more specifically, distances) that I might target, but what is a sane/sensible/suggested timeline to follow? I figured that an olympic distance would be the first port of call, but if the end game is IM, do I aim for something longer in a shorter time frame?
  4. Hi all, I apologise if this has been discussed previously. Which 70.3 event/location within Australia do you think would be more suitable for a first timer and why? Thanks
  5. I need a CC guru to explain a few things... Is there a way to get an Elite Cycling Licence without joining a CC? As far as I can tell fFast (I'm from Brisbane) you can join to get the licence however it allows you the freedom to race whenever and where ever you want (provided the race isn't for other CC members only) ... is this right? I would like to start racing, but I want to continue to ride with my local tri club so the benefits of club rides wouldn't be much use to me and racing would be limited to 4-5 local crits races a year. One small thing I'm not sure about, how do I kno
  6. Hi Everybody, As part of my mid-life crisis I have decided to do a half ironman in 2013. I am a crap swimmer, an average runner ( 42K in 4:18) and a pretty strong cyclist. Am I crazy? any tips or comments? Also, I love reading about stuff I need to learn about. Any book recommendations?? thanks and best wishes alex
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