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Year of first Tri race?

Found 16 results

  1. Hear ye! Hear ye! It's that time of the year again, time to think about the Great Trannies Port Macquarie beer mile! Time: Approximately 3pm - after the presentations and all official IRONMAN stuff is done (their presentation finishes at 2.30pm) Place: Near the Beach House Port Macquarie, we meet at the seats near the finish chute Course: A 4x400m out and back towards where the cruises are, scull the beer, run the 400m then repeat 3 more times. 🍺🏃‍♂️🍺🏃‍♂️🍺🏃‍♂️🍺🏃‍♂️ Qualification: Complete the IRONMAN the day before or the 70.3 (yes the enticer folk are allowed!) I
  2. How's the training for IMOz going? Should be tapering about now? However, you should be looking at the main event at IMOz! So, it's time to get ready for the very famous 2017 Transitions Beer Mile to be held at Town Green on 8 May 2016 at 3:30pm in front of the pub at the finish area of IMOz. We are now recognised as part of the Finishers Celebrations and the Beer Mile will occur after the Roll Down Ceremony. I will contact our very special Secret Sponsor and hopefully they will be supporting the Beer Mile yet again....this is the 7th year that we have had this support
  3. The Ironman organisation, jealous of the immense shadow cast over their little "adventure festival", continue to try and diminish the crownign glory that is the Beer Mile. Â This year they have attempted to prevent the event from occuring by moving their post-race party forward to minimise available time between ceremonies. Â Thus the IMCBMOC has made the (frankly sensational) decision to conduct the first ever Breakfast Beer Mile! Â Time: Â Meet 9:15am for a 9:30 sharp start Location: Â Approx 2 kms North of finish line and expo., located a few hundredm north of the toilets opposite Co
  4. Ladies and gentlemen (or ladettes and lads as it may be afterwards) it is almost time for the annual running of the Ironman Western Australia Beer Mile. I hope you have your entries organised for the qualifying event to put you in with a chance of taking home the last available beer mile title for the year 2015. Rumor has it that the field will be hot, unlike the inevitable bloke that shows up in a dress, but as always there will be late scratchings so a Bradbury-like performance is certainly not out of the question this year. If you've completed the qualifier and you're over 18 there is
  5. Well, with less than 4 weeks to go to IM Cairns, I was wondering if there would be any takers for a Beer Mile on the Monday 15 June at 3:00pm on The Esplanade just North of last year's Beer Mile, so we are out of the security cameras view. The Beer Mile location is approx 2 kms North of last year's finish line and expo. Also, it is located about 200M North of the toilets opposite Coral (Trannie) Towers. If you want to participate then post here, but after the very successful IMOz Trannie Beer Mile 2015, we have blown the budget (again), so you will have to bring your own 4 cans of beer
  6. Just getting in early to warn all that the 30th IMOz will be a great occasion. However, the Very Famous Trannie Beer Mile for 2015 will be an even more prestigious affair. I'm hoping to get IM Royalty for the event. (In the past we have had Dave Orlowski 3rd placegetter in the original 1978 IM) But for 2015, it could be a female of even greater stature! Because it will be the 30th year of IMOz, then the Very Famous Trannie Beer Mile for 2015 will be a culmination of the previous years Beer Miles. So, I am putting the word out for some of the Beer Mile Originals to come to Town Green at 3:00pm
  7. Well, it's time to talk about the Very Famous Trannie Beer Mile at IMOz in 6 weeks time. It will be the usual mile length run with an official TriAust TO there again, to adjudicate all protests, accusations of cheating, outside assistance (SunnyGirl in particular for turning an individual's attempt into a team event, by drinking half her friend's can), the antics of PIS members, Fashions off the Field, Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii with or without hair and beard, etc etc etc. I have already been in negotiations with Big Chris from the Timing Guys, who did the timing last year and posted all the r
  8. http://www.runnersworld.com/fun/watch-it-looks-like-theres-a-new-beer-mile-world-record Possibly this best thing to come out of tassie since Boonie, Punter and myself (ok maybe not me). Did the beer mile happen at IM Melbourne? I was going to do it until I realised I couldn't walk
  9. https://www.facebook.com/events/1387780034847294/?sid_reminder=636879637804220416 Anyone know who this clown is? Ripping off not one but two ideas to be completely unoriginal...
  10. Event: Ironman Cairns 2014 Beer Mile Time: 3:30pm for a start at 4pm sharp. Location: Meeting place is The Esplanade Opposite Coral Towers Holiday suites 249 The Esplanade. In the park where the jetty is. Entry fee: Free Prizes: First Male, First Female, Worst Performance, Fashions on the field. Prize Purse: ??????? Full Strength Beer x 4, min 355ml Drink beer, put upturned can on head. toss in bin run 400m repeat x4 spew = do another lap including another beer Spill too much = another lap no shotgunning, no tamper with cans Open cans just before u drink them dont open can before the start
  11. I just tried on a part of my costume to discover the tutu component is see through. What do I wear underneath?
  12. ST has some interesting photo's taken at the Boulder Beer Mile in the snow. There is no mention of the requirement to have completed an Ironman the day before. These Americans are soft . http://www.slowtwitch.com/Features/2014_Boulder_Beer_Mile_4116.html
  13. Yesterday, Ratdog, the usual organiser of the very famous IMOz Beer Mile, which was started several years ago by Alex, contacted me to advise that our secret sponsor is ready again to subsidise the Annual Running of the IMOz Beer Mile and would I organise this prestigious event in his absence (Ratdog defected to WA without permission from any Trannies or the Trannie Board and purely for financial and family reasons). So, unless someone else is wanting to direct the Beer Mile then the race will be held at the Finish Line at 3:00pm EST on Monday 6 May 2013. The event is subject to Rattie's most
  14. In amongst the official stuff there are also a few tranny specific events that are must-do's at IMM this year. Thursday 21 March 2013 Event Venue 7.30am - 9.30am Blueseventy Practice Swim South Beach Reserve, St Kilda 10.00am - 6.00pm IRONMAN Competitor Check-In South Beach Reserve, St Kilda 10.00am - 6.00pm IRONMAN Merchandise Open South Beach Reserve, St Kilda 10.00am - 6.00pm IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne Sport & Lifestyle Expo Open South Beach Reserve, St Kilda 10.00am - 6.00pm IRONMAN Information Booth Open South Beach Reserve, St Kilda 7:00pm Trannies Me
  15. In amongst the official stuff there are also a few tranny specific events that are must-do's. Thursday 31st May 5:30am - 6:15am Check In - Quicksilver Reef Swim : Green Island Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal 6:30am Board Quicksilver Charter Boat Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal 8:00am Race Start - Quicksilver Reef Swim : Green Island Green Island 5:00pm Trannies Meet and Greet BBQ- All Welcome, The Esplanade Opposite Trannies HQ (Coral Towers Holiday suites) 249 The Esplanade. In the park there are a couple of BBQ's. Bring your own meat and a couple of dollars to cover the salads and ti
  16. Event: Ironman Australia 2012 Beer Mile Time: 3:30pm for a start at 4pm sharp. Location: Meeting place is the Tall Ship dock and the start line will be somewhere near the finish chute from the day before. Last year we were able to use the ramp and finish line at a natural amphitheatre. There is no guarantee that this can happen this year but we are currently in talks with management. Entry fee: Free Prizes: First Male, First Female, Worst Performance, Fashions on the field. Prize Purse: ??????? Last years race http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ckTI80FjAc Last years Winner
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