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Year of first Tri race?

Found 9 results

  1. So there is a chance I will be in Europe for Paris-Roubaix this year. Figure I can't miss an opportunity like this and so have started planning a way to watch the race. Has anyone got any tips on the best way to do it? I figure I can get to Paris for the start and maybe hire a car as I want to head to Belgium anyway.
  2. Notsofast


    Guys, Looking for a bit of info on WS70.3. Specifically, Is it a guaranteed non wetsuit swim (race late Nov)? What is the road surface like and is it exposed to any wind? It looks like it will be a hot race, little shade on run? Best place to stay? Anything else I should know? Cheers NSF
  3. Anyone used an around the world airline ticket? I'm looking to hit up the USA & then head across to the UK later in the year. Any tips, tricks etc would be greatly appreciated. Best website to book?
  4. After having it for two weeks, this afternoon I finally got to take the MTB out for a spin in the dirt. It was only for an hour or so, but I had a great time. I stuck to the fire trails near home for my first ride, and I did multiple laps of a fairly easy course just to get the hang of the gears, brakes and basic handling etc, but that was enough for my first workout. It was good fun, but it was hard work and I reckon I'll have to be careful that I don't blow my knees apart by doing too much too soon. I wouldn't imagine I'll ever be fast on a mountainbike, especially on the technical stuff
  5. I've signed up for Port half, I was initially feeling really nervous especially about the hill, but I'm starting to feel it's do-able. Those of you who have done it before and remember your first couple of attempts - would you mind sharing some things you learned? Just for a little background, I've done 3 seasons of triathlons up to Olympic distance. I was an outlier bad swimmer but now I've improved to be just plain BOTP. Running is my best leg but I'm working back into it after having a shin problem sorted (going well at this stage). I've been working hard on the bike especially stre
  6. Lets hear your tips for operating a sucessful small business
  7. Andrew #1

    M7 Cycleway

    ok - so I know this topic has been done before (at least it's not about Lance) but what is the latest info on the m7 cycle way? Is it still operational? Best parking & directions for someone travelling from the inner west via the M5 Is there any toilets and water stops along the way (or in a nearby street / shopping centre etc) along the way? Is it still 40km - end to end? I'm planning on doing 80-90km there this Saturday morning...
  8. Hi All We have been investigating using a company we sourced on Elance to do some software development for us - from India I was wondering what sort of experiences, tips and suggestions others might have about going down this avenue. To give you idea of scope - proposal received so far is for about 450 hours at US$11 an hour (web,mvc, php, mysql). The communication, documentation nad proposal recieved so far has been excellent.
  9. Hi Everybody, As part of my mid-life crisis I have decided to do a half ironman in 2013. I am a crap swimmer, an average runner ( 42K in 4:18) and a pretty strong cyclist. Am I crazy? any tips or comments? Also, I love reading about stuff I need to learn about. Any book recommendations?? thanks and best wishes alex
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