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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. So about those new min passing distance laws in Qld. In the first 1000 days there were: 133 infringement notices issued for "Fail to maintain 1m/1.5m when passing a bicycle", that is just under one a week. Hmmmmm - I could issue that many all by myself - what have the rest of you been doing? PS: Four are still (as at 1/1/17) pending court appearances, three other ones were taken to court in that 1000 days. * Data sourced from Qld Transport (personal FOI request)
  2. Gee the National Champs this year look a bit NSW/Qld centric? Sprint - Robina Qld Oly/Standard - Wollongong NSW Long Course - Goondiwindi Qld Aquathon - Cronulla NSW Cross Tri - Lake Crackenback NSW
  3. The final race of the 2014/15 TreX Cross Tri Series and the last race of the TQ State Series takes place on 2/3 May on the Sunshine Coast, get a long for your last chance to get off-road this season and a whole weekend of off-road multisport racing. Full event info: http://tre-x.com.au/events/2015-qld-championships/
  4. The final race of the TreX Series for the 2014/15 season tales place on the Sunshine Coast, QLD on 2/3 May, full event info here: http://tre-x.com.au/events/2015-qld-championships/ Take on the DirtMaster Challenge for a whole weekend of Multisport action and remember that for all the Queenslanders this is also the final race in the TQ State Series! Checkout all that is going on with TreX online here: http://tre-x.com.au/community/
  5. I need a CC guru to explain a few things... Is there a way to get an Elite Cycling Licence without joining a CC? As far as I can tell fFast (I'm from Brisbane) you can join to get the licence however it allows you the freedom to race whenever and where ever you want (provided the race isn't for other CC members only) ... is this right? I would like to start racing, but I want to continue to ride with my local tri club so the benefits of club rides wouldn't be much use to me and racing would be limited to 4-5 local crits races a year. One small thing I'm not sure about, how do I kno
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