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Year of first Tri race?

Found 4 results

  1. Hi I've just joined the triathlon family, completing the Trithegong Olympic distance. I competed on a Cell road bike I found in a bin... Just changed the front wheel and the pedals. The problem is that the frame is a size 59.5cm and I'm 1.73m. Hence the urgency to find a new bike since I registered to the Port Stephen Olympic and Cairns Ironman 79.3. I spent my Saturday morning going from one bike shop to another in Sydney. I want a bike a can train and race with. I short listed 3 bikes that suit my budget ($4,000 max for the bike and race wheel - if the bike is not already equip
  2. Hi everyone, I have just recently moved to Sydney (Potts Point to be precise) and I need your help on the following: My story: I am 31 that wants to start practicing triathlon. I am an average runner, I did some half marathons and marathons, but that's it. In terms of cycling I know just the basic. In terms of Swimming, that's definitely where I will struggle, I know how to swim, but... just, well, you understand. My short term goal: Be able to complete a small triathlon in 2013 and/or to improve my (lack of) skills in swim and cycle. My medium term goal: Half-Iron Man My long term
  3. Briefly, swam fine, biked as well as can be expected, ran way quicker than I thought I could. Now for some detail…sorry if this is too boring! Hard to put 12 hours plus on paper and keep it to a reasonable length. Training : I was so undertrained for this race it is unbelievable that I got through as well as I did. In the 14 weeks pre-race I averaged 7 hours a week training (no that is not a typo). Longest run I have ever done is 23 km, longest in this build was 21 km….but that was a one off, a lot of weeks my long run was 14-15km. During the build there was one 108km, 3 x 80km ri
  4. nealo

    How to Taper

    So this seems like an art in it self, maybe the 5th discipline? How close to race day can you be doing your long ride and run? How far out should be your longest ride and run? Cut the hours but increase the intensity? Cut the hours and the intensity?
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