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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. The fastest guy on the team is clean though. Don't you worry about him. http://cyclingtips.com.au/2014/11/fourth-rider-linked-to-astana-team-tests-positive-okishev-fails-a-test-for-steroids/ Fourth rider linked to Astana team tests positive; Okishev fails A test for steroids Will latest case tip the balance for the Kazakhstani team when Licence Commission assesses WorldTour place? By Shane Stokes - November 19, 2014 Already set to face the UCI Licence Commission which will decide whether or not the team should be given a WorldTour licence for 2015, the doping cloud the A
  2. My daughter has just decided teaching isn't her go, so has dropped out of uni. She is currently looking (supposedly) for a full time job to turn into a career, but is working near full time at a local fish n chip shop. She is getting between $400 and $650 per week. She was told all along that we would support her while she was at uni, but once she left she would have to pay board. So, the question: How much is reasonable for board? When I started work 30 years ago I was paying $50 per week, and was getting about the same dollars as she is now. My thought is $50/week.
  3. The Kingy Tri is back! Come celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event with us! With the rising of the sun on Sunday the 23rd of November, people young and old, boys and girls will once again merge on the shores of Kingscliff to participe in the Kids, Tempta, Sprint or Olympic distance Triathlon. There are twelve event categories on offer to cater for everyone, no matter age or fitness level. Tempta and Sprint distances are perfect for those who are not quite ready to tackle the full Olympic distance. Participants can also choose to only compete in one leg in the Olympic or Sprint
  4. The Kingscliff Triathlon is situated in one of the most stunning coastlines in Australia. Swim in the safe Cudgen Creek, cycling along the coast line on the flat and fast course and run by the beach in either the Junior, Tempta or Olympic Events. Run biannually in March and November. November also has the Australian University Championships incorporated into its event program. Friends, families and spectators are invited to attend and enjoy a great community event with kids, learn to try, sprint and Olympic distance races offering something to everyone. Bring the family and fr
  5. Save the day, the Kingscliff Triathlon is back better, faster & stronger ! The Kingscliff Triathlon is situated on one of the most stunning coastlines in Australia. Swim in open water or creek, cycle a fast circuit out to Chinderah and run between the beach and mansions of Salt. Olympic: Swim 1.5km - Ride 40km - Run 10km Tempta: Swim 300m - Ride 10km - Run 2.5km Junior 7-9 yrs: Swim 100m - Ride 3km - Run 500m Big Kids 10-12 yrs: Swim 200m - Ride 6 km - Run 1 km Bring the family and friends and enjoy our Saturday events: 62km Fusion Cy
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