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Year of first Tri race?

Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, as I mentioned in the insurance thread I have had an approach from "No Worries Insurance" who are specialists in travel and bike insurance. Thought it might be an idea to put some of our questions to them, so for those that have any questions regarding policies, cover inclusions or exclusions or racing and travel combined insurance post them here and we can get them to answer your questions. Is there a gap in the market? Is there anything special triathletes need? Is there anything you have encountered in your travels or bike insurance that could be done better? Read th
  2. Looking for some collective wisdom. I am contemplating organising a few races and want to know about insurance costs. Prior to spending time on the phone to companies. While I will have insurance running the event, I am looking for advice on individual insurance for competitors. The reason is, I would like to open up the event to Joe Public and move away from having it run through Governing Bodies. So entrants wouldn't necessarily have their usual Racing Licence and coverage. Has anyone else considered this scenario? The event would be held on private land. Any concept of cost per
  3. Seems if you fall into a riding partner it could cost you dearly http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/canberra-cyclist-ordered-to-pay-17-million-over-collision-with-fellow-rider-20141031-11f37b.html
  4. So my old mans place copped some fire action. Luckily it looks like the house has survived but the carport/garage is levelled. His bush block and veggie garden next door is burnt to a crisp with his caravan and classic rambler also levelled. They wisely got out early and are safe and well. My question is what does home and contents insurance cover? Obviously the garage but what about my dirt bike which was under it? Also tools and a generator were stored under it. The caravan and Rambler were on the other side of the house, will they come under the house insurance? He doesnt have these s
  5. Hi guys, Quick one. I got knocked off my bike the other day, driver didn't stop at a stop sign. I filed a report at the police station, went to the doctor to have myself checked out, all seems ok luckily (just some bruises / grazed skin). My bike didn't fare that well, it's a write off according to the bike shop since there's cracks in the carbon frame. They gave me a quote for a new bike, which I will have to forward to the driver who hit me. I don't have any specific bike insurance apart from home/contents in case of theft. My question is what to do next: buy a new bike now, wit
  6. So I've been thinking about refreshing my private health insurance coverage as I'm slowly learning the value of recovery in a balanced triathlon training regime. I have a million questions, but mainly I would like to know: - Is there a cost-effective, "all you can eat" cover plan out there? - What is the "triathletes choice" re private health insurance? - Is it cheaper if I include my girlfriend on the plan? I go to the physio, chiro, podiatrist etc every approx twice a month. It starts adding up towards the end of the year (especially when the allocated allowance runs out). I w
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