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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. Guest


    SO? Is IMWA continuing past this year? I saw that they're throwing slots at it, to boost entries I presume?? Not a good sign IMO. Please explain?
  2. Hello all, it's been a long time since I've been an "active member" on the forum but thought I'd post my race report from IMWA for those interested. IRONMAN WESTERN AUSTRALIA – RACE REPORT (M30-34 AG) This was to be my 7th iron distance race but first under the guidance of Alex Price of AP10. There was quite a shift in the way that my training was being done but most notably there was an increase in intensity in almost all elements of my training but primarily my bike. I signed up for Busso after not having the race I wanted to in Port this year and was really keen to have a good, solid r
  3. Hi Trannies. I’m a relative newbie on the forum and have been following a number of discussions with interest. I tried to find an existing thread which answered my queries, but couldn’t exactly get what I’m after. Apologies if there is one and it slipped by my searching! Scenario So I’m hoping for some more experienced advice for an upcoming race. I’m planning ahead for my third 70.3 at the Sunny Coast in 2017 and trying to figure out a plan of attack. In this event my A goal is sub 5 hours and B goal is as close to 5 as possible. I’ve raced at this event previously in
  4. Bored@ is continuing his 'race Ironman and see the world with the family' tour and racing Louisville today. He seems to be putting together a solid race. He can be followed here: Hope he can get the PB he's after.
  5. Further to JGF's topic about cutting back, and Peter's about the plethora of long course races, I often see a lot of comments on here about people who train all year round but who only do a couple of races a year. I'm far from the pointy end, but I love taking part in races. I don't care what the distance is. For the last few years I've raced up to a dozen sprint tris, 3 OD's and 2 HIM/LC per year. This year I'm doing my first IM in Cairns so will only be doing one other LC (HB100) but will still do a couple of OD's and as many sprint races as I can get to (including duathlons and aqua
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