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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, Has anyone had experiences dealing with Quarq's customer service in Australia? I have a ~18month old Quarq RED powermeter that is returning >31000 when zero off-setting and because of that the power readings are virtually non-existent. The PM died at Cairns (race day) in June and I just assumed it was something to do with all the rain but after getting the TT bike out for the first time last week it is still not working. I tried a new battery and it didn't make a difference so I am guessing the next step is to get someone to look at it. I'm a bit disappointed to s
  2. Triathlon Australia release the preliminary age group team for the 2016 Cross Tri Worlds today, full details are Cross Triathlon Team.pdf Cross Triathlon Team.pdf Cross Triathlon Team.pdf
  3. Final weekend to take advantage of ‘early bird’ entries for the Queensland TreX Championships and a chance to wear the ‘Green and Gold’ on home soil at the X-Tri Worlds in November… With the Victorian and Australian titles already decided, only the Queensland championships remain as the third and final TreX qualifier for the upcoming 2016 ITU Cross Triathlon (X-Tri) World Championships in November. Read more here ...
  4. JUST ANNOUNCED: APRIL 27, 2014. The first ever half-ironman in the Northern Territory is going to be held 1,500KM or just under 1,000 miles from the closest major body of water. That's right folks. "The Red Center" is going to put athletes to the test by starting them in a wave form in the outdoor 50 meter pool. I do not know of another half-ironman in the world where the swim is held in a pool, and since the race will most likely be wet-suit legal as the races have been in the past, can you say "PB"? This is a huge deal for our club. We have grown from a handful of members to over 100
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