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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Guys, Looking to see if anyone has a wheelset laying around they are thinking of off-loading. Looking for 50/60mm deep if possible. Intend to use as a full time wheel set and leave on the bike. Will be used predominately for the upcoming charity ride I am doing in Feb. Ideally would like to be able to do something around the 5 hungee mark, but probably dreaming. Can maybe stretch to $700 if needed. Anyone got anything out there? Thanks in advance Ayto
  2. I have recently purchased a pair of Reynolds Carbon Strike SLG carbon clinchers, rims can be used as tubeless also. I have found it a challenge to fit both Conti Grand Prix 4000 23mm and S-Works Gription 24mm (which I use on my training rims), includes snapping tyre levers.. Currently I have a pair of Mavic Yksion Elite Guard which took some effort but are on, but as I flatted recently by a nail puncturing the tyre, I need to replace the tyre with less than 20km on it. Issue is that given all options so far have proved difficult to fit, are there better tyre options for these Reynolds rim
  3. AA7

    Wheel Advice

    I know this is a topic that comes up a lot, so sorry, but hopefully I can get some good advice as my knowledge on these things is limited : ) My current race wheels are Reynolds Attack clincher which are a 32mm rim. I'm looking to go with something a bit deeper and have seen the Reynolds Assault 46mm, for a good price ($1249). So: General feedback about these wheels? At a reported 1550g, is this a reasonable weight? (I'm only a small, light rider so I would like to get as light as possible.) Will I notice a difference between these and my current wheels? Any other sugg
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