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Year of first Tri race?

Found 9 results

  1. I have been using my quarq d zero for quite a while without problems. Recently, the calibration values gone way high >31000 after a failed update of the firmware. The unit now reports only cadence but not power. Even following the troubleshooting processes, it seems fruitless. Has anyone had this problem?
  2. Hi Everyone, I've got a Quarq Elsa R for sale. 165mm crank length with SRAM 53/39 chainrings. Purchased last month and ridden less then 200km. Good crankset for shorter riders or for optimising your TT position. Retails for $2,200. For photos and more information you can see the listing on Ebay. I will cancel auction if sold prior. Any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Alex http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171832698606?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. So I have a nice set of Zipp 808s with a powertap on the rear wheel. I don't have any other wheels with power. Is it ok to chuck an old nasty tubby on the rear wheel and use it for wind trainer sessions so I have power? Or will I end up destroying the wheel?
  4. pieman

    Quarq s975 GXP

    Quarq SRAM S975 Powermeter 53/39 175mm This is an older version (non Elsa/Riken) but has been on my TT bike on the indoor trainer and has done maybe 1000km outdoors (<200 indoor). Works like a charm but with a new baby in the house I am downsizing the bike room. $750 ono SRAM GXP BB included (red one, I think it’s ceramic version?) PM for pictures or more details. I'm in Brisbane but can arrange postage if desired
  5. Hi Everyone, Just been playing with my new toy and brand new SRM. Im a touch confused. What is the best power setting #sec Power, 30 Sec Power, Average power. Too many options. Also I have a MAC and it seems that WKO+ isnt MAC compatible. What are the other options? Im sure someone will have an opinion. Help a powermeter newbie out.
  6. Just bought a Power2max PM from the Aust/New Zealand distributor, cost under a grand took 4 days to be delivered (1/2 day and pretty easy to install) and I've been using it for a week now. The PM is excellent although I have only used it half a dozen times. I wanted to get crank based pm and only looked seriously at this one after the good review it got from DC Rainmaker. the guys at http://www.bikecycle.co.nz/ were fantastic, called them around 3 times checking various things out then emailed around 3/4 times etc no problems, really know thier stuff. Now I have the first loads
  7. includes the 600x computer, wearlink HRM Strap, cadence monitor, speed monitor, bike mount etc check out this link to see a full description and pictures http://www.evanscycles.com/products/polar/cs600x-cycling-computer-ec019152 This bike computer can download training data to a computer and also has polar training software to plan your sessions and upload them to the bike computer I'm in Perth, its your's for $100 plus postage which shouldn't be much to Aus address p.s. If you want you can also take the polar power meter (this is the cheapy type that runs off the chain te
  8. Ok so I'm going to sign up for IM Melb 2014 and as part of taking my training to the next level so too speak I'm going to invest in a power meter. I've googled till the cows come home, but still pretty clueless. It looks like its down to a couple of options power tap, srm, rotor. I looked at quark but my bikes are shimano so from what I can see they are not compatible. Interesting that they would limit their own market. I like the look of the rotor power meter and having a reading for each leg sound like it could help with my pedaling efficiency. It looks like I'm up for at least 2
  9. Knowledgeables, How do I know that my Powermeter is giving me the right power data ? After Doing couple of TT's recently I'm wondering my PM is playing silly buggers with me and showing me slightly inflated values of power (which will be miracle in itself as I already produce less power than a 5 yr old but I digress ) So is there any way I can check whats shown in the little yellow computer is anywhere near correct ? I zero the torque regularly but thats about it. I do not have access to Wattbike or anything like that. I have the Powertap - wired version. thanks Arpit
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