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  1. But i do want to become an interllectual. But it is hard to keep up with the latest leftie teaching. This from jane caro: Truth is maybe 1000 men behaved very badly. Thousands & thousands more did not."
  2. Lets hope everyone understands this scalp belongs to labor. Who is the local essendon mp anyways ?
  3. Pure comedy gold but an interllectual of the highest order: "My first thoughts are not about trying to play Liberal versus Labor. It's about the players and families who put their trust in people and have been let down," he said. "They are the ones who have now got to face the prospect of their careers being jammed or delayed through no fault of their own." Of course, when there were other, lets say 'priorities', the athletes were wannabe lance armstrongs and you'd better get in early to get your 1 year suspension. "The investigation found ''clear parallels'' between what it uncove
  4. Plibbers leader. Sammy 'does my bum look big in this' D, deputy. You know it makes sense. Contrast though how this all started. The interllectuals of the labor party decided to go large with the 'blackest day' in oz sport. And then shat themselves Billy is smarter than you think. He knows they have been bleeding over this since the interllectuals lit a fuse on this and trashed a proper process.
  5. Yeah yeah. Tony is the laughing stock of all of europe. Point of clarification - what time is the picket outside nsw labor hq ?
  6. Andrew. Opinion writers in the guardian are now making observations that are on the same page as abbott. Is this bigotry ? Anything that doesn't fit the 'give peace a chance' views of the world has to be labelled with some 'ism' it seems. I.e. '...managing unreconstructed attitudes towards women by newly arrived young Arab men is far harder and much more menacing. It poses the question that a liberal society does not want to confront. Is cultural coexistence possible and if not, what is to be done? The German media, police and criminal justice system have been agonisingly slow
  7. Oh nooooo! Channel 7 reporter playfully hugs weather lady. If only she listened to the mayor of cologne.
  8. Given some of your blokes strong feelings about the leaking of sensitive info. You are probably beside yourself with what is alleged re what nsw labor's head honcho has been up to with his mate in the hoodie (he of the union paid tattoo fame). Fauxfacts though. It's got its eyes firmly on the big issue. C. Gayle.
  9. The contortion, euphemism and duplicity of the left is limitless. The mayor of cologne has advised girls and young women that they could avoid trouble by staying over 'an arm's length' away from strangers. But please. Tell me again how europe is laughing at one t.abbott.
  10. 'Around 150 people gathered in front of Cologne's cathedral on Tuesday evening to protest against violence against women. One of them held a sign saying: "Ms Merkel where are you? What do you say? This scares us!" ' http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN0UJ1IP20160105 Bloody algorithms have me reading tin hat reuters rubbish.
  11. Its relative. 2 mins to sum up what the dunderheads are clicking on: hour reading the paper. This should make you laugh and cry: "You mention Monica Lewinsky," NBC's Guthrie asked. "Are you saying an alleged extra-marital affair, that of course he has now admitted, is that fair game?" "Is it alleged? I don't think that's alleged," Trump responded. "No, he's admitted it, he's admitted it," said Guthrie. "If he's admitted it, you don't have to use the word alleged," said Trump.
  12. Fauxfacts specialise in click bait headings particularly for those suffering from ADS. Big letters on front page of hard copy qualify as running pretty hard i reckon. But again catering for its readers.
  13. I read most of my news in hard copy form. Which facts have i got wrong?
  14. Poor old chris gayle. Fauxfacts really running hard on his impropriety. Just imagine if he was running a workplace that was hostile and demeaning to women for an organisation that promotes womens rights. They'd be all over it........
  15. I'm not defending dutton though. Grade a bozo.ĺ Not only have i managed to use a work credit card for 20 years without buying lots of personal stuff (ht- union movement). I ve managed not to be demeaning and hostile to female colleagues. Remember. I'm the guy who doesn't want to give ANY pollie more money, power.
  16. Thommo was a great supporter of the working gal true. You miss the point though. Its about the confected outrage from labor. The party that gave us: "I have complete confidence in the member for Dobell," the Prime Minister said. Lnp are rank amateurs compared to labor on this stuff. And what are the working conditions in that cafe outside nsw labor head office like? Seems like an odd arrangement for an organisation dedicated to workers rights.
  17. Malcolm is reaping what he has sowed. Good for him. He'll be back at 17% soon enough. By the way. Anyone lost their job in nsw labor head office recently ? And remember old 'you're doing a heck of a job' thommo. Compare and contrast how labor stood by the big fella until the very last. Pathetic double standards in abundance and all round.
  18. Conservative is not far right. Malcolm is not conservative. What is labor though? We get the whole tony is a woman hater routine, we'll root out sexism wherever it exists. But just not at headoffice and the affiliated unions, which are a 'hostile' and 'demeaning' environment for women. Breathtaking hypocrisy.
  19. Nsw labor a 'hostile' and 'demeaning' environment for women. It's a topsy turvy world bb.
  20. Do you reckon labor use to get briefed that their border protection stuff wasn't working ?
  21. How do you know he said views were stupid and wrong ? This: "This is the sort of thing that enrages the terrorists is a dumb line of analysis, because the terrorists tend to get most enraged about the instruments and processes that are most effective in the war against terror.
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