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  1. Finally. Something in The Age worth reading: "That artist of yours is no good," Mr Turnbull told Mr Hughes. "He's made me look like a big, fat, greedy c--t." Mr Hughes supposedly replied: "He is a realist painter you know."
  2. But spare a thought for liam mcloughlin who writes for new matilda. He's taken getting comfortable to an extreme. 'We can all agree that australia day is a sickening celebration of jingoism and toxic masculinity that buries beneath its own excretion the invasion, dispossession and genocide on which this nation was built." Liam. Bring it in tight. Greatest. Country. On. Earth.
  3. My AOTY. T. Abbott. Having said that. Tubby Taylor will always be our greatest AOTY.
  4. He used the word 'Comforting' right ? I guess when you are finished thinking all your colleagues are hopeless its 'comforting' to then think most of Oz is too. The glow of smugness could be a renewable energy source.
  5. "Its comforting to think of Australia as a global pariah on the world stage, pursuing racist policies against asylum seekers from war-torn nations", wrote the Guardians Antony Loewenstein last week. "But its untrue. Canberras militarised solution to refugees is admired in many parts of Europe." "Today its more likely European officials will ask Australian officials for advice on how to stop the boats than chastise it." I prefer a comfy chair when i want to get comfortable. But i guess i'm not an interllectual. But hey. Don't the euros just laugh at that abbott bloke.
  6. I read saul eslake saying last week that the govt needs to go large on more deficit spending. And fauxfacts 'economists' have been counselling how debt is no biggie. But sure enough. This will not end well. 'William White, the chairman of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)s review committee and former chief economist with the Bank of International Settlements made the dire predictions to the UKs Telegraph on the eve of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The situation is worse than it was in 2007. Our macroeconomic ammunition to fight downturns is
  7. He just had a less serious role running the labor party...
  8. I lapped him at port HIM. So we are very different people.
  9. I forgot to mention BS. Because.. well. He is forgettable.
  10. Abbott666 evil. Rudd. Hopeless. Gillard. Hapless and prone to exaggeration. Unions. Quite a few blokes indulging in naughty stuff. Capitalists. Greedy.
  11. Once the planet heats up i guess the wind turbines will work better... "Glaciated rotor blades are the scourge of wind turbines in cold climates, as the ice can bring the blades to a stop. A helicopter company in Constance has developed a solution featuring a helicopter, of course. They use a helicopter to spray hot water, which quickly melts ice from the blades ... The water is heated overnight using a truck equipped with a 260 kW oil burner. Come morning, the helicopter can start shuttling the water to the icy wind turbine. The operation requires three people: A helicopter
  12. 'Scientific method'? Which is something about 'believing' best i can tell.
  13. I've never watched bolt program so i don't give a rats to be honest. I'm just reading a piece by an actu interllectual about how if we had a national corruption watch dog the whole bombers stuff may have been avoided. You know. Because one publically funded 'national watchdog' just ain't enough. Repeat after me hey andrew. Just a few bad apples blah blah blsh. Light on the hill blah blah blah.
  14. old clive hey. Was a bit of a legend when he was sticking it to abbott666 in some parts. T. jonez couldn't get enough of the bloke with soft ball interviews. Now there's journalism.
  15. Hmmm. Hirdy. If you hire incompetents and let them run amok. I'm not sure that 'my trust was broken', really cuts it. i reckon you'd be looking better if you'd said back in 2013, i really fooked up, i take responsibility for my failures and it is untenable for me to continue. Having said that. You'd be a $1mill short, so wtf would i know. Interesting observation by chip le grand today that asada pretty much ran dead on the declaration issue cf. With wada decision. Anti doping stuff is so political it's a bit of a joke really. Lot to be said gor why do we waste $1 of public mo
  16. According to graphic we've had same trend since 1890? And i read that non binding mou had capped temperatures. So i think that issue is sorted.
  17. My mum taught me 2 wrongs don't make a right. And i'm the guy who wants really small govt. See the bit i've quoted from post.
  18. Appreciate all the posts. What's the sicilian saying - "the fish rots from the head" ?
  19. "The exchange grew more awkward as the conversation persisted, with Shorten adding items to the family's trolley on his own accord." You can't say bill doesn't shop like how labor governs. Give the guy a break.
  20. How did that avo application end up anyway? I'm itching to man the picket.
  21. Surely a man of your intellect can work it out.
  22. He actually vacated his seat before the blackest day etc.
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