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  1. rules are.rules seems to be the.consensus. until people actually start the race and.then its.draft city.
  2. so what this person is playing a role saving someones life. we are talking IM triatjlon check in here. tell this dude to sort.their priorities stat ... or.get.a.job in an accounting firm. i hear its really stressful making big $$ pushing paper.
  3. we are way ahead of uk on per capita basis. does oz figure include ses in state and.territory govts ? does uk have an equivalent where service delivery of health and education goes.through a lower tier of govt ?
  4. also barry i was just reading something from your cpsu rep. she was talking about how if the govt keeps cutting then "it needs to lower peoples expectations of govt." i'm not sure if cpsu has realised but i think that may be official lnp policy :-)
  5. are you missing my original point on purpse barry ?
  6. granted shorten had the sense to steer clear of march. i guess hypocrisy is in the eye of the beholder. .
  7. i see at today's march people were carrying signs with a pigs nose superimposed on abbotts face and one attendee quoted in fairfax saying she wanted to see abbott lynched. i'm expecting coverage in fairfax and abc tomorrow about how the opposition has encouraged this vile tone from lefty wingnuts ??
  8. i don't think that is reality so to speak. a few years ago my wife was riding with a support vehicle behind their group. a young dui driver slammed into the back of vehicle. the riders and vehicle were.in a shoulder of a 2 lane road i.e. the guy had 2 whole lanes to miss them. but for vehicle, i hate to think. guy did a good job on himself apparently. yes he should not have been driving, yes he should have driven around them, yes he should care about others and himself. but is that reality ? riding on that road is a.calculated.risk for each individual to make.
  9. i use to do that ride many years ago every weekend. i can imagine the comments having received a few first hand. i use to think the scarier part was around 6 am heading south. passengers were pissed (may be drivers as well) and would hang out of vehicles and the odd bottle would get thrown. reports are slightly more positive now. saying not critical but serious injuries.
  10. i use to put a 2nd pair of shoes in transition and go around a couple of times.
  11. I'd reckon that is a good set of characteristics for an entrepreneur or athlete. In some other walks of life some of those might hinder your progression.
  12. Can't be bothered watching vid. Have clarke and.dawe vindicated that uniting church dude and.our.great fast bowler ? Or perhaps they've got.to the.bottom of tony's threats to china ?
  13. Let me summarise. Giving money to people growing food, bad. Its not like farmers support workers or local industries is it ? Or provide food security. Giving money to large corporates who put food in cans (that consumers are wanting less) or make large cars nobody buys anymore, good. The lnp position hypocritical, but labor position not.
  14. Richard denniss, someone andrew likes to quote, is quoted by jenna price as saying that abbott has liberated food process workers from their jobs. What food process workers are they referring to ? I guess not those who actually grow.the food. Or even those who put it in tins. Tony has driven these people to distraction it seems.
  15. What a load of junk. So the.libs responsible.for.forge are they ? One of companies included in figures. On that analysis labor responsible for abc childcare. Candy off a baby getting money out of labor. Have you found any evidence.of big tony threatening china yet ? I think iread something about an fta with china. May be only outer space news.
  16. Just the other day kim carr was spruiking that govt had signed the "death warrant" for spc. Surprise. New $70m deal with woollies. Whats labor's (and.state libs) current rationale for supporting putting public money into spc?
  17. 19.31 on 05/03/14. At this rate i'll break 19 in about 3 & a half years.
  18. I asked for a transfer a few years back after 9 ims and various personal circumstances to the following years race. No go. So looks like a shift to me. Funny how you have to be more customer focused when you are looking to drum up customers.
  19. Just one.of a few bad apples. I love how hsu is suing the hr consultant who gave.advice.about his pay increaees. No one in the union twigged that getting paid around the salary of PM might be a.bit.much. To be fair though. How can you expect a union to know anything about pay rates ??
  20. Interesting to see those figures. ACT participants down significantly (19%). Although total holds up ok if considered on per capita basis. Wa, Nsw and qld race participants up a lot.
  21. So long course is really where its at? Other stuff just a warm up for the big dances. I'm hoping compulsory TA membership for club members will see a big increase in OD racing at nationals.
  22. Ok. I am well out of loop. Although last time i did OD nationals i think there were about 100 in my AG. Might have been a year with nearby WCs. With 100k plus entries and 200 odd at national titles something seems a little amiss.
  23. I may be out of.the loop but why do you think OD is the most popular distance. Isn't long course heaps ahead ? A bit poor with the.trophies.
  24. So you missed that whole lance destroying people thing? Now there was a lover of people.
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