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  1. Would peter walsh be let near the front bench of lnp or labor now ?
  2. Keating has urged Treasurer Scott Morrison to slash $90 billion from the budget by mirroring the Hawke governmentâs tough âline-by-lineâ approach to spending that he led during the 1980s. Mr Keating, who was treasurer and then prime minister between 1983 and 1996, also repeated his opposition to raising the GST, saying state premiers with parochial interests were being given too much sway over federal economic policy. âThe real point is the rest of the world has trimmed us down, commodity prices have fallen ⦠and of course with (lower) wages growth, in the budget revenues are falling,
  3. Pjk: Premiers have got problems, I know that. But when state premiers are making commonwealth policy for the budget, youâve got to start wondering where the debate is going, you know? Really,â he said. âYou know the old saying, âgive the dog a bone and theyâll bury itâ? You give the political system $35 billion, theyâll spend it, and spending it by reducing the company tax rate and the top personal rate.â Mr Keating said most Australians spent their entire annual salary and would be taxed on every dollar under a revamped GST. Whereas âpeople with real moneyâ take their income with
  4. Plus i quoted the bit about the plan to increase gst but reduce other taxes as being regressive and a dud. I left in bit about it being a "terrible proposition". Did i leave out a "really and truly,with strawberries on top". So i'm a little confused there big fella. But hey. Given your whole line about the punters loving the nbn bonds. I know you have a bit of a tendency to, what's your term, 'misspeak'? But yes. I agree. The superior communicator and Scott 'can't see no savings nowhere' morrison are freakin hopeless.
  5. I'll call BS on that. If you hadn't picked it up. There is no way i'd vote for the superior communicator and he won't be getting my pref. Just look at how the superior communicator is managing the tax debate. But i've been banging on about expenditure and not giving more money to pollies for a bit. And pjk's central point is private v public exp and the later killing the former. And. Don't give govt another $30b. Is pjk advocating a 2-3% increase in tax as a % of gdp? My recollection may be mistaken but don't you advocate expenditure at 28%?
  6. Why limit yourself to the bible? How dare abbott speak to an organisation that supports the concept of marriage as currently legislated by the Australian parliament. That's like oh so today.
  7. Get a load of this right wing jibberish from some old bloke: 'Just over 15 years since the GSTâs introduction, many people are now arguing that the GST should be increased by another 5 percentage points to 15 per cent. At that level it would collect another $33 billion in revenue each year.... Were the public to agree to give the political system such a load of money, the political system would simply go and spend it⦠The aim of policy should be to make the private sector larger; not to restrain it with a burgeoning public sector. People should remember that a GST or a value
  8. Go latho. 'Identity politics is an indulgence of the privileged few: wealthy, media-savvy propagandists inventing claims about discrimination that nobody else can see. Iâve sat in the outer at hundreds of footy games in Western Sydney and never heard a word of racism directed at indigenous or Islander players. Iâve knocked around at pubs, sporting clubs and racetracks for 40 years and I can count the number of misogynistic and homophobic comments on one hand. The suburbs the elites talk about are ones that I donât recognise...'
  9. can tony speak to functions organised by catholics and or muslims? Edited to add. Just found this in the Marriage Act. "Marriage"Â means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life. Note to tony - better cross parliamentarians off your speaking engagement list.
  10. It gives a sense of proportion to what you are judging. Something you don't do i know. 30 years ago the institution of marriage was the problem. Instrument of patriarchal oppression back in the day and sooo bourgeois. Something to be ridiculed. Now some of the same people who despised it ( out of love and tolerance for all the married folk i'm sure), now embrace it. Hard for the simple folks to keep up with the fashionable bleating.
  11. I'd prefer if they were litigious. 'A survivor hidden in a tree says he watched Boko Haram extremists firebomb huts and heard the screams ofàchildren burning to death, among 86 people officials say died in the latest attack by Nigeriaâs homegrown Islamic extremists. Scores of charred corpses and bodies with bullet wounds littered the streets from Saturday nightâs attack on Dalori village and two nearby camps housing 25,000 refugees, according to survivors and soldiers at the scene just 5 kilometers from Maiduguri, the birthplace of Boko Haram and the biggest city in Nigeriaâs n
  12. I'm not debating the merits of the tactics but the proportionality. For pretty much the whole history of mankind gay marriage has not been the norm. It wasn't even wanted by gay activists until a relatively short time ago. You have a group that employs litigation to resist this change. Ok. They are operating within a legal framework seeking to use litigation to their advantage (gee whiz that sound familiar to left wing activists). And another group who i suspect don't really have a firm grasp of rule of law etc. But the useless idiots squeal 'same, same'.
  13. So did you ever buy that Porsche for the missus? Life is tough working for da champs.
  14. Focus group descriptions of BS -underachiever, average, bland, not a strong leader, inadequate, don't trust, blah. And plibbers seat is under threat. Not left wing enough for her inner city high income earners i guess. But what's funny about that. It has been leaked to a newscorp journo. BS is leading a united team !
  15. That bloody woman hating abbott at it again. Backing Helen Clarke for top un job as opposed to the krudd. And after all krudd did for our first female pm.
  16. No the answer showed how pathetic the analogy was.
  17. I don't know. But the question remains valid. Meanwhile. Labor announces... more FREE* stuff. *unless you smoke and or drink.
  18. Hayek's road to serfdom also makes some valid points.
  19. So in your world if you speak to a group do you assume all the characteristics of that group?
  20. Wow. They really are just like the terrorists. P.s. could someone let isis know about the power of an injunction.
  21. I don't oppose gay marriage. But having been brought up in church i understand some people hold a different view. Indeed it wasn't even mainstream among gay avtivists when i was at uni. And there is an actual 'conservative case for it. But feel free to attribute views to others.
  22. On the plebiscite this is a non issue. Abetz and a few others save face with some supporters and enough libs support it so it goes ahead (assuming vote is for). But mark kenny et al need something for click bait.
  23. What specific acts of hatred and intolerance are you referring to? You need to make a list of people who are approved listeners. You might have the uniting church on the religious side of things. There'll be quite a few organisations on the don't support abortion and same sex marriage list.
  24. The Guardian breathlessly reports: "The former prime minister is travelling to the US this week to address the Alliance Defending Freedom,according to Fairfax Media. The group has been heavily involved in fighting the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the US and most recently has been campaigning against Planned Parenthood accusing it of being involved inâthe gruesome baby parts tradeâ. âMarriage and family, therefore, are the foundation of society. But when culture fails to respect and promote marriage, countless individuals, particularly women, children, and the underprivilege
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