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  1. Latho strikes again: 'Outside the membership of the ALP and the Greens, few Australians are interested in the politics of income redistribution. And why should they be? After 24 years of continuous economic growth â a rising tide of national prosperity and wealth creation â the objective of government policy should be to float all boats, not to sink the biggest yachts in the flotilla in the vain hope that somehow this might help everybody else ⦠Whenever I hear ALP frontbenchers like Andrew Leigh and Sam Dastyari talking about income redistribution, I shudder at how distant they h
  2. So the great communicator is delivering chaos. Can't he just sweet talk everyone ? Ezypeezy.
  3. Mal will get the rewards a treacherous so and so deserves. See RGR.
  4. But if your point is a point of order. Ie. I got the name of the program that was stuffed wrong, but stuffed a program was etc. Okiedokie.
  5. As far as i could tell your main point was i was wrong. Policy actually tip top. Newscorpse blah blah blah?
  6. Greg Hunt. The best minister in the World. You can take that to the Clean Energy Bank.
  7. Yeah. It. Was. All. Good. What? SOMEONE might die? We didn't know ya honour. Its a news limited conspiracy that we were freaking hopeless. "One-time factional poweríbroker yesterday became the first former politician to front the $20 million royal commission investigating the botched batts program, and denied ever being warned about possible installer deaths or serious injuries. âDeath was never mentioned as a prospect,â Mr Arbib, who quit politics in 2012, said. Seriously andrew. Have you worked in govt/ policy design/implementation? If you think that was best practice polic
  8. Don't nit pick. There is a tradie somewhere still living off that sugar.
  9. For example. How much of henry review got implemented? Well. There was that mining tax that raised 3/5 ths of stuff all.
  10. Lets get two things clear. Both sides make decisions based on ideology. The public service is now largely 'reactive'to whims of govt of day. Take pink batts. Pm says get it done. Sensible public servants say lots of issues doing this so fast. Dead installers etc. Childcare policy. $300m policy re funding wages of staff on ebas. totally biased to large centres with unionised work force. I can give you loads of labor 'bad' examples. And you come up with lnp is bad etc. But spare me the labor purity about taking non ideological advice from public service. P.s. labor also
  11. Interesting logic. Which no doubt leads you to think that labor can be entrusted to spend a lot more money in education.
  12. Note the words "feeding frenzy" and "labor": http://m.theage.com.au/comment/rorted-by-the-public-sector--the-vocational-education-lesson-20151202-gldi64.html And lnp and "cracking down".
  13. I'm not sure that creating jobs for tradies (as noble as that is) has an education dividend. Of course, in labor speak it was no less than an 'education revolution'. I call for a tax revolt.
  14. Bit harsh IJ. There were the facts relating to 2 matters to get on top. After you've groomed your beard, tweeted something about the diggers being a..holes, had a double shot cafe latte and browsed the guardian website, you're not expecting time for actual research.
  15. Shocking report: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/world/europe/2016/02/05/shock-in-uk-female-mutilation-stats.html The real mystery is why, how ? But there is nothing a school education campaign can't fix.
  16. I'm telling ya. The science is settled! Huh ... sorry what's that you say? The grant money has run out because the science is settled ? I'm telling ya. The science is not settled !
  17. Your days as a left wing hero sre numbered when guardians mocks you. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/feb/05/julian-assange-un-panel-blame-fugitive I do like marina hyde as a writer. This line is gold: "Even back in his pomp he could never quite carry himself off â thatàpicture of him drinking a dry martini to celebrate being granted bail was more licence to spill than licence to kill." UN committees really are a joke.
  18. I thought the left railed against stereotyping groups of people based on the sins of a few?
  19. I gather this petition is circulating (has some fair points): "You donât have to be an Essendon supporter to recognise an injustice. So please give some thought to signing this petition. We believe these players were denied: The presumption of innocence The right to an independent HearingThe right to remain silentThe right to privacy and confidentiality The right not to be tried twice for the same offenceThe right to be dealt with promptly and not subject to unnecessary delaysThe right for an appeal to be heard in an Australian Court We believe: None of the sporting or go
  20. Speaking of the superior communicator its pretty clear the wheels are beginning to fall off. It really is high farce and totally predictable. But as a great man once said - "Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest". David Crowe reports: Turnbull clearly needs to lavish attention on his own side of politics when MPs are being kept in the dark on his thoughts on whether to increase the GST from 10 to 15 per cent. For all the governmentâs talk about a new agenda ... Turnbull has nothing new to say and there is no sign of a comp
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