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  1. So you are accusing them of a deliberate misdiagnosis? We both know you have no factual foundation to make that point.
  2. Of course suggesting i should vote for the 'benardi retardi' party is a carefully thought out point of view. Or as your spiritual leader would call it, a real 'zinger'.
  3. The Right Reverend Andrew Bolt. Has a nice ring to it and identifies his political persuasion. I ordain you the holy father of left wing mumbo jumbo. Praise the lord.
  4. Wow. So even the vayican doctors are in on this catholic conspiracy? Luckily for the non religious among us the secular ama would ex communicate any of its members found to write a certificate to the effect that mr bloggs has suffered a serious workplace injury as a consequence of being required to do some actual work.
  5. You mean 'your' morals. And what do you mean by 'most' religious? Europe is running open borders and i suspect this trends more fundamentalist than pro gay marriage and womens rights ?So it's a big demographic thumbs up for the religious fundamentalist.
  6. For the spiritual Oz home for green left politics, this is somewhat ironic: "Canberransâ taste for luxury is making them the countryâs biggest consumers each needing an average of 8.9 hectares to support their cashed-up lifestyles â three and a half times the world average â the latest ACT State of the Environment Report reveals." But hey. We do live pretty well down here !
  7. Of course you scoff, but: "People-smuggling gangs netted up to â¬6 billion ($9.24 billion) last year, most of it from the traffic of migrants into Europe, the European Union's police agency Europol said in a report issued on Monday. Labelling people-smuggling the "fastest-growing criminal market in Europe", the report said: "This turnover is set to double or triple if the scale of the current migration crisis persists in the upcoming year." & i'm planning to write 'bye bye mal' on my ballot.
  8. Bill's prescription of higher taxes and spending. Policy by the union movement will be a disaster. But hey. Some of us make more money in the counter cyclical environment. So if mal gets beaten. What i call a win:win. Might build myself a new house and rent it to a wannabe first home owner.
  9. You do realise that if mal gets re-elected it will only be on the back of what tones did. Stopped the boats. Axed the tax. Two more things than mal has accomplished.
  10. Hard to fathom after that 'unicorn' talking point (superior communicator and all). "The Coalition and Labor are deadlocked in the latest Newspoll as support for the government tumbles in the face of policy confusion and the political honeymoon ends for Malcolm Turnbull, with his personal ratings falling to a four-month low ⦠Based on preference flows from the last election, the Coal¬ition and Labor are tied in two-party terms at 50 per cent each It is a significant plunge for the government from the 53 per cent-47 per cent lead it had steadily maintained since last November."
  11. Who is making the case for saying religon absolves them of abusing children. And is anyone advocating for bbc ppeople to be shot in the head?
  12. I'm not actually. I've now answered your question...
  13. See guardian article above. And honestly tell me what is missing from it ? What is the factual basis for saying he supported continued abuse by the way? If there is such evidence i assume he'll do time ?
  14. As strange as it may seem to the left wing lynch mob and police abusing their authority christians still have the presumption of innocence. But those priests would say that wouldn't they. "Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart said information provided to the media íappeared to have been âdesigned to do maximum damage to Cardinal Pell and undermine the work of the royal commissionâ.... Archbishop Hart said yesterday: âThe allegations do not reflect the man I have known for over 50 years.â He said Cardinal Pell was entitled to the presumption of innocence and a fair investigation
  15. Exactly what has pell been charged with to date? And are there any findings against him?
  16. Mr 'all my colleagues are hopeless' rog. Please read the link and spot the detail that is missing. Something very systemic about this. Like i originally said. Fair play to give catholic church a kicking. But you misrepresent the point. Where is there any denial of abuse by priests? The point is about the demonisation of pell and selective outrage in polite society. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/apr/30/female-genital-mutilation-england-fgm-girls
  17. "The very essence of left ideology is an anti-Christian socialism. Pell is the latest focus for this hatred. Our latter-day Voltaires, who think they are écrasezing lâinfâme, are just the handmaidens of a national socialist future across the West".
  18. Well. Removing indigenous kids from abusive homes is written up by some as creating another stolen generation. And the rochdale thing is the absolute personification of pc.
  19. Its PC to give Pell a right kicking. (But fair play. Difficult to have any faith in institutions when this sort of thing goes on.) Its also PC to be silent about others engaged in serious child abuse. And with Rochdale the authorities were doing their bit as well according to Wikipedia and numerous other reports: "In March 2015, Greater Manchester Police apologised for its failure to investigate the child sexual exploitation allegations more thoroughly between 2008 and 2010." 'Community relations' dictated one turn a blind eye. Difficult to have faith in institutions...
  20. Can you do a list of all the countries building fibre to all homes with a stated owned entity?
  21. You mean the one job the great communicator had before y'all advocated for his ascension to the top job? Surely that can't be right.
  22. Lucky those nbn bonds aren't pegged to the value of the bugger. "The NBN will cost up to $56 billion to build, and $29.5 billion will come from taxpayers. But the network's value will be just $27 billion by 2024-25, based on PwC valuations."
  23. Both superior communicators. A luvvie's delight. Of course. Oz is now innovating like its 1999 with a bit of rebadged govt expenditure and a few glossy brochures jam packed with new age techno babble. And how about that adult conversation we've had about the gst? Just like liz farrelly. I feel the air is lighter and a little giddy with the safe hands of the superior communicator at the wheel. Happy days.
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