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  1. Who is advocating turning a blind eye? Pell is one player in an organisational fail of a large scale. His role and degree of culpability in that has not been determined.
  2. No i read fairfax for the gags. 'The ideal of the wise, benevolent reformer who would calmly canvass options and then lead a determined program of change has evaporated. In its place is just another politician, operating from fear.' Or as i like to call the malster. Mr 15 per cent.
  3. You guys are all young right? The brothers and nuns were all total hard A---s. They were making movies 40 years ago about the sexual dysfunction driving them batty. Any institution with the care of kids going back 30-40 years was a disaster.
  4. But he strongly denies it. And you probably know very little about his accuser. Who may. Or may not be credible.
  5. Paul Bongiorno (of radio national and the project fame) shared a house with risdale and has said: 'I had no idea what he was up to, he said. And when people look at me quizzically, I say let me tell you this. 'There are married men and women now who sleep with their husbands and wives and donât know that their husband or wife is having an affair. Let me tell you that Ridsdale never came to the presbytery in Warrnambool and said, Guess how many boys Iâve raped today'. Very sensitive indeed from mr bonjiorno. But i gather his point is that one is not guilty by association only
  6. More was known. The bishop who was risdale's boss was a witness last week. His evidence was pathetic. But regarding pell, being a flat mate of risdale's in the 70s (while an assistant priest) raises a query but does not establish knowledge of what risdale was up to.
  7. A politics thread where you block the views you don't like. There is a study about that: "Scientists and other people have known for quite some time that many people tend to limit their exposure to news sources that offer information that goes against their own beliefs instead, they are drawn to sources that they find agreeable and in so doing bolster their beliefs when multiple people do the same thing and use the same sources they create what has become known as echo chambers. The researchers with this new effort have found a similar pattern in information processing by people that use
  8. It seems the great communicator's communication has broken down with his most important deputy: "Federal Coalition MPs are becoming concerned at the direction of the government amid indications of an increasingly strained relationship between the office of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Treasurer Scott Morrison. As the government struggled again on Wednesday to get its lines straight on tax policy, sources said there was an uneasy mood between Mr Turnbull and Mr Morrison on Sunday night when the cabinet met at The Lodge for dinner, and the governmentâs general political situation
  9. Don't you have a coi on commenting on the unions ? I might need to consult wikipedia. Ps for ten pints benefit. This is a joke.
  10. The critique of posters like trybebore40 is largely premised on core issues like christians aren't really christian because they believe in traditional marriage, secure borders etc. The world would be a better place if they got with humanist values etc. You don't think that's a political point? And for goodness sake. If the medical opinion was correct. You are fretting over the perception of conflict when every other cardiologist from every other faith would arrive at the same conclusion.
  11. If you actually read the first thing i wrote it was to the effect catholic church deserved a kicking for the history and its difficult to have faith in institutions. Quote one bit above where i've suggested otherwise. I don't quibble with editorial. You impute things that aren't said and then call out 'strawman'? How does the left feel about that assange fella hiding away from his sex assault charges ? Its one conspiracy after another. Pell and his malpracticing vatican doctor to avoid fronting up to sex charges. And the issue of controversy re pell is - what is his responsibility for t
  12. I think you've missed the chronology of the thread. Started with pell bashing into generalised christan bashing. And someone then had temerity to spoil the mob hate. And bolt was drafted in as a Christian symbol. So i'm puzzled to as to his relevance.
  13. Lets agree to disagree. As stated in Oz today. "The hysterical hatred whipped up ahead of ...Pell's appearance... has been bigoted and vile'. See certain posts above.
  14. Well if andrew bolt is being drafted in as an example of religious people and the hypocrisy of their belief system. I think a bit of a stab at the greens as the paragon of humanist values and the hypocrisy that for a lot this does not extend much beyond chat is sort of on point. You guys set up a whole bunch of tenous strawman arguments. And then scream 'strawman' when i parody the 'mumbo jumbo'.
  15. Does paul bonjiorno fall within that 'catholic kin' bucket?
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