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  1. My great grandfather was honoury secretary of the Victorian Rowing Association for many years and had a big involvement in petitioning King George V to have the Kings Cup made the permanent perpetual trophy for the Interstate Men's 8 rowing championships. He also designed the course and the rowing program for the 1956 Olympic but sadly died about a month before the games started. My grand father fought in PNG during WWII and he was one of only two soldiers from his platoon to survive Malaria. On another occasion himself and a fellow solider were having a bath at a nearby stream when they
  2. rules

    Sun protection

    Orca have a tri top that looks like a cycle jersey but lighter. i than wear arm coolers with them on the bike and run. Did that in my last IM and first time in 9 IM's i wasn't burnt on the arms or shoulders.
  3. I am in. Will be my 6th time racing Shepparton. it is one of my favourite races. My main goal is Busso so this will be a nice hit out/training day.
  4. rules

    Challenge Roth

    Tri Travel will have spots available as part of a whole package
  5. To Clarify this, it is the Race Referee's decision as to who gets DQ'd, not the Race Director, they have no say in it.
  6. Sat: 2.5 hr ride + 15 min run Sun: 1 hr run
  7. My biggest week of this program leading into Melbourne was 5 weeks ago 4 x swim 12km (4 hours) 5 x bike 330-350km (11 hours) 5 x run 60 - 65km (6 hours) Total 21 hours That was an exceptional week as I was able to sneak in a couple of extra rides and a swim as my wife and 2 daughters went away for the weekend giving me the opportunity to do an epic weekend. Overall in my program I have 3 weeks that total around 18-19 hours the rest are around 15 - 16 with rest weeks being about 10 hours
  8. I did notice that it was 30 degrees in the City and only 23 in Frankston. Could make things interesting if it is like that on race day, with large temp variations.
  9. It was a privilege to be there to witness that one Simone.... I had mentioned to Flemo prior to the race that I thought that Burkey and Yourself would finish together I just didn't think it would be under those circumstances.
  10. Well done Trout. Looks like you will have one more guest traveling with you. I believe a certain Police Officer in Sea Lake is very keen to go.. edited for incorrect location.. doh
  11. I am in as Yesterday's Heros
  12. rules


    There some good caves around Yallingup as well but maybe not the best thing to be doing straight after an Ironman. There are a number of good breweries as well in Margaret River. The Chocolate Factory is also an interesting place to visit, it has a nice cafe there.
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