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  1. Jemmo


    Don't kid yourself that you don't need pet insurance. I did and paid the (big) price. I have a boxer who is 5yo next week. The day before fathers day this year he got hit by a car right outside our house. Absolutely horrible thing to witness and even more horrible when your pet is very much a part of the family (the fifth kid we never had!). We took him to the vet and while they found he didn't break anything they suspected he had suffered internal damage and was kept under obesrvation for three days. We took him home on the Tuesday as he appeared to be okay however by Friday morning h
  2. Geez MOM, I stop in for my first visit to Transitions in a very long time to find your post on swimming the English Channel. Being a crappy swimmer that is one challenge I never contemplated (although I never contemplated IM until a few too many beers one night. Bloody friends!) The above was a great read and I’m sure your training updates would have been insightful as well. Still, 22km’s in a pool is something I can’t even fathom?!?!? Hell, I hated doing two kilometres such is my dislike for that black line that use to send me stir crazy. Anyway, all the very best for the epic journey
  3. Parking Police are nothing but low lifes. One of my staff was leaving for work and got a call from her daughter that she had left her assignment at home and would she drop it at (Woolooware High) school. Being a good mum she drives down to the school to where her daughter is waiting, stops, hands her the assigment and then drives off. Perhaps 10 seconds in the no parking/stopping zone and she gets a fine of $220- in the mail.
  4. What I find highly amusing is that all the clothes and gear I have kept over the years has at some point become the latest fashion. If I cant find something in my wardrobe I know I only have to visit my daughters rooms to reclaim my past. Here are some examples 1) Dunlop Volleys - mine are probably 20 years old (and in pretty good nick) yet about two years ago they become hip. Now they come in all sorts of colours. 2) Running Shorts - Last year they became cool and I had a bugger of a time finding a pair to wear some days. Still do. 3) Grosbys - went to a mates place a couple of year
  5. Jemmo

    Flanman down

    Not being a regular these days I missed the news on the mighty Flanman. One good old fashioned aussie bloke. Always good for a few laughs over a quiet one or two. Smitty, Please say g'day to the big unit for me and I hope his recovery is quick. Thanks Jemmo
  6. Just found this unique item on Yahoo sport Topless women's soccer And the classic comment Pictures are pending......................
  7. Jemmo


    Sorry Shep, I meant to say that seats have legs. That be the discrimination!
  8. Jemmo


    No it was not a maths question, not in the normal sense. For me it was a riddle because the phrasing of the question makes you think outside the square. And as it was a riddle one should ask how many seats were in the bus. I think the seats are being discriminated against.
  9. C'mon FP, we could always dig up the 4WD discussion. One of your best son! As for me I joined on 19 May 2003. There was a link on the CTC website to Transitions and I (stupidly) clicked on it. Bad move I think most of my total posts were in the first year as I was hooked on this thing called a "forum". I dread thinking about the hours wasted at work reading and posting. These days I am lucky to visit once or twice a week but generally enjoy the visit when I do. The only other forum I ever bother with is Cool Running however I only browse and have never joined up.
  10. STL, Most modern aircon units are built to be relatively quiet so unless you brought some seriously dodgy unit I'd say your neighbours are just being anal for the sake of it. If they keep whinging tell them to take you to court. You already have the proof that it does not exceed any council noise standards so they'd just be wasting their money. In any case just tell the fools to take a nice long walk off a very short pier.
  11. Hope you don't spit the dummy like Art, good luck and I will enjoy reading it 362519[/snapback] The yurt man only spits the dummy when someone asks if he is a Swans fan . At that point you don't wanna be in the same postcode
  12. Jemmo

    Oly Gold or Kona Win

    Thanks Plazbot, you’re not supposed to say something that I agree with. Realistically it depends on what you, as a person, are trying to achieve. If you’re looking for a high profile in Australia and lots of endorsements then Olympic Gold will take you there because when you win EVERYONE wants to know you and nothing shines brighter in the advertising world than Olympic Gold. And a side benefit would be federal funding that is provided to the sport as a whole because of the Olympic Gold (although TA would likely blow that on the running race that OD racing has become). If you’re lo
  13. Jemmo


    New girl, Have a look at the Transx Indoor Trainers on Torpedo7. I have one and while they are basic they are reasonably priced and quiet. Jemmo
  14. You will need a software program that converts AVI to DVD. I use Cucusoft which is not free but was recommended by a friend. I'm sure there are free ones out there so just Google "AVI to DVD" and you'll be on your way.
  15. Jemmo

    NSW Sports Awards

    Geez Max, not a banana bender are you. Mick has always lived in NSW. Sure he surfs a lot in Queensland but he has never, ever lived there!
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