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  1. Ms M

    Hervey Bay 100

    Nice report. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Cat Lady, this is the best report ever. And I love the back story. I must have spent hours on the bike while training for my HIM , in a hypoxic brain addled state , doing the maths over and over and over again, to see if I was going to make the cut off times I totally relate ( all except the incredible speed that you have acquired with your training) We are in the same age group and hope to catch up one day at a race , if i can ever stop getting injured that is! Cheers
  3. Ms M

    IMNZ 2020

    Really loved your race report. Must store the tip about the portaloos near the penalty box ( shhh..its a secret......) It sounds like an adventure rather than a military march. I hope you enjoyed the day and your variety of training.
  4. Ms M

    Kona 2018

    Fantastic race report. Beautifully written and very honest. Thanks for sharing and so pleased you had a great day.
  5. Ms M

    Barkely Marathons

    Just watched the Netflix , "Barkely Marathons". Wow, it was great! Never heard of this event before this thread.Thanks everyone.
  6. Ms M

    Barkely Marathons

    Thanks Turts- great video!
  7. Anybody know where I can watch series 1?
  8. Ms M

    Noosa wave times

    Man, what time were you running?? It was ROASTING at 11am!!
  9. I have to bump this up for a few reasons: 1. Turts is a legend!! 2 A great race report , and 3. Everyone should get the concept of T1F and T2F!!
  10. Ms M

    Challenge Cairns

    Bump....... enjoy ......
  11. Thanks FP, I love this clip!! The visuals, the music , the drama.... Thanks for sharing. Any one have any favourite videos? I am a sucker for them. Watching with a glass of wine counts as training, doesn't it?
  12. Ms M

    Frozen Shoulder

    The great thing about this forum is that everyone can throw in their experience and opinion, and readers can take on board what seems relevant to their situation. The reason that I started this thread was that I couldn't recall it being discussed before and thought it might be interesting to hear other people's experiences. I am quite happy with the treatment I am having with hydrodilatation and it seems to be improving things considerably. I had a series of remedial massages at the beginning when it seemed to be another bout of tendonitis, but for me, in my situation, things conti
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