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  1. $169 with qantas from melbourne!
  2. Im doing Cairns IM and due to the fact i work in the mines I'm pretty much lucky to know what I'm doing tomorrow! Cannot plan a thing which is frustrating as I've pulled out of more races than i have done in the past few years. When I'm home though try and get a few long rides and runs in and will just have to wing it on the day. Can run out there but no bikes or pool out there so a decent run split will be the order of the day!
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17U9HtTTNQLYz0FgjvAFlgny9gI7JPozCYB_xChEjQ6k/edit This is a research lit review i did recently. Basically the transitioning phase is what sounds like is happening and is extremely important to take seriously. Go slow, don't push it, even if you feel good don't think that a if you feel ok after 5-10km that you can go out and do 20+. A good read is Danny Abshire's book which explain simply what is happenning. I had alot of issues and then changed to wearing Newtons and mid foot strikes and life is good! Although in my review i do mention that these shoes aa
  4. TTT

    Running and Shoes

    Basically if you have tried a mid to fore foot strike and are getting injured you possibly are neglecting strengthening exercises. As it says transitioning issues are a major cause of injuries for those who use minimalist shoes. Also for those who run around 5min+km or 12 km or less then a cushioed shoe may be a better option.
  5. TTT

    Running and Shoes

    So a while back there was a conversation on here about what are the best shoes for running....... We all have own own anecdotally 'favourite' shoes but I found out some interesting facts. I just did a lit review with the topic "The effects of shoes on running bio mechanics". I was as impartial as possible on reporting what the literature says and anecdotal evidence says. Might be interesting for some of you not sure whether you should be using cushioned shoes and 'heal striking' or or mid to fore foot striking with minimal support and cushioning. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17U9HtTT
  6. TTT

    Vegas 70.3

    Yer out the front and looking strong!
  7. TTT

    Vegas 70.3

    Does anyone know of a link to watch the race online? HELP!
  8. TTT


    smoking kush is great!
  9. First Ironman...... ridden 10 times between Christmas and Start of March (It was Port Mac) and about 4 long runs (about 20 to 25km) so pre training was poor. Was hoping to smash the swim (58ish i was predicting) did it in 1:12 and spewed 4 times for no reason (nerves??) rode 6hours with a 20 min mechanical to fix my chain and ran 4:20...... Happy to even finish!
  10. Worked on a greek island for a few months. My boss and i had drinking comps every night and we were given time to find that nights lady friend......... ALso have done 4 snow seasons in Whistler as a supervisor....... Free gear, meet and greet pro skiers and snowboarders and pow laps all day everyday!
  11. Budget? Slides lower the closer you get to Frankston. Brighton to St. Kilda, possibly your top end!
  12. TTT

    Quality running shoe

    Maybe i just finish my lit review, which will be an unbiased review of the current literature on the effects of running shoes which a cushioned elevated heel and running flats and the open it peoples interpretation.
  13. to the Macca nerds- Whats his fastest run split in a race?
  14. TTT

    Quality running shoe

    Interesting article. The authors do make alot of personal assertions, as am i after reading about 60ish recent journal articles about the area, but have Phd after his name trumps my study by a fair bit! The assertion that 75% of elite runners heel strike (thanks for the spelling lesson downesy68!) is fascinating and the point i made was about the use of footwear was a high determinate of type of striking, so would be interesting if what style of shoe was used by these guys. Ultimately running efficiency is reduced by heel striking, causing more fatigue and higher risk of a running related
  15. TTT

    Quality running shoe

    Interesting theory Rohan. Statistics show that an enlarged heal in a shoe is a high determinate on running strike pattern. Those who fore/mid foot strike after 10km in a marathon have shown that at the 32km mark they will still be striking in the same way but if any change will most likely be a decreased stride length and turn over speed, ultimately they keep striking not on their heals. Over the last 12 months i have changed from a heal to fore/mid striker and it has become more autonomous to the point that on a longer run i completely zone out and keep form. ps- Im currently doing a li
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