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  1. $4200.00 (ONO) Size M/L. This bike is 10speed electronic Di2, includes a Sram Quarq power meter (175mm, 52/39), rear HED disc wheel with a durace cassette and additional set of deep rim (80mm) tubular wheels with a set of Corsa Evo tyres (new), rear Xlab carbon fibre bottle cage holder, look Blade pedals. The bike is UCI legal and ready to race. The bike is in excellent condition, with only a small chip mark on the top tube. I'm open to offers and postage will be at the buyers expense. If you are after the complete package, then this bike is for you, all set up and ready to go. L
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BicycleMarketAU/permalink/1257202660974726/
  3. I would recommend Mark Watts the Retul fitter at West End, put most of my team through him and the feedback has be great https://www.facebook.com/mark.c.watts.79 Also, Jaaron at Cyc'd for bikes has recently bought the new Guru system. He and Jack Anderson and trained up on this and it would be worth checking out and having a look. PM me if you have any more questions, I know these guys pretty well Paul
  4. I've been coaching a bucket load of people of PM's for the past 10 years now. All starting out the with polar model, wires and lining things up perfectly to read accurately, LOL. from what I have found SRM = way too expensive and are getting priced out of the market Quarq = still the most reliable and best overall product in terms of reliability Powertap = Cheap and are now consistent but lack comparative analysis between PM's, tend to read lower for obvious reasons. Have just brought out a pedal based system but wouldn't touch it. Pioneer = So far coming out okay with 4 clients I
  5. You took it out way too easy. Generally break a test up into quarters, the 3rd quarter in well executed test usually results in the lowest AP. A test like yours should never see power profile north that much towards then end of the test. Just googled some results (well executed ones too) I wouldn't be using this test to set up your zones, but it is a good starting point. Draw a line through that 3rd quarter where you power levels out, set that up as a benchmark and have another crack. fluro
  6. I'm all number 3 BB Don't advertise and spend any money on it, and rely purely on athlete results and letting the athletes promote our business. We keep it evidence based. Blowing wind up peoples A#$% works, but we are more concerned about keeping people around for the long term and building relationships that work. I now have 3 coaches working for me and you probably don't even know I exist, LOL So true trek52 fluro
  7. Great question...For me it took 7 x IM's and chronic running injuries and a surgeon to suggest that he'll remove the nerves from my feet so I could actually run, but I would have no feeling in my toes for the rest of my life.......When I thought that might be a good option, I decided to walk away from the sport. No regrets fluro
  8. All forums are dictated by the people that have the highest post counts.....They set the theme, and the majority will just naturally follow. Just look around at all forums in general....they are the people that can make or break a topic in an instant....which is precisely what happens here. For the mods, what sucks is when you get people who post a lot, have no real interest in genuinely keeping it on topic. That's a battle the mods will never win, you just have to hope that one day you'll have a regular poster that is genuinely interested in posting triathlon related posts. When that happen
  9. fluro2au

    FTP test

    I think for someone like Niseko, being an IM athlete, looking at those test results, his primary concern is fuel....How is he going to fuel an 84kg body for over 9hrs in an IM? He has good numbers, but it will come at a cost on the run. In saying that his results, show that he is pushing that right to the limit. fluro
  10. fluro2au

    FTP test

    Not bad numbers niseko, even for a triathlete ;-)
  11. fluro2au

    FTP test

    The under 23 QAS riders aren't hitting 5w/kg....even our QTRS riders are in the 4.7-5wkg range....at 5.5 you would be doing pretty damn we'll Fluro
  12. fluro2au

    TTT pacing

    G'day DD, It been great working with Oyto, lots of raw talent there, for an old guy, ;-). He just didn't know what to look for with his numbers and once we broke it down, we could start focusing on what he needs to do for States. I haven't had enough time with him yet, but he is starting to get some good results in training and is really improving his repeatability. The back end of his sessions are producing good numbers now. fluro
  13. Took a bunch kids from my school up to Hidden Vale for the Epic. We ended up winning the schools division. Happy days, putting kids on bikes and getting good results. Where were you? fluro
  14. fluro2au


    Goughy, If there is one sure way to turn your wife off running, then get her a treadmill. We live in Australia, get her out running and build a network of friends she can run with. fluro
  15. fluro2au

    TTT pacing

    DD has a bucket load of more experience then me and it gets results with his sons. When he posts, I learn, and a lot. fluro
  16. I agree Yo, the best coaches will always come from the guys that have been there and done that......It's a big list of well known names
  17. Trolling the trolls, but, just being really bad at it perhaps.....
  18. Bullshit AP, all the damage is done well before the run. The run only confirms all the screw up you have made by the time you get to the run. An IM starts with the swim, in fact well before the swim. Not everyone around you are tired. The guys that run well, have executed better, and aren't as tired. That is why they run better, pretty simple right? You can bang on till cows come home about core strength, like you have said, but at the end of the day, if they can't execute properly, core strength is going to mean jack shit, but keep banging on about it AP, because, it's important rig
  19. fluro2au

    TTT pacing

    G'day DD, Good to see you working with Oyto, ;-). Just ****ing hold the wheel is the key with motopacing, like you said....It all comes down to what they can do at speeds they are not familiar with when they aren't tucked into your wheel. It bloody sucks trying to pull back into a paceline when you have done your turn at 49kph, but, it should, it's how you get guys to lift. Those guys could be triathletes, cyclists, it doesn't really matter, it's about execution, mental strength and discipline, that teaches people to work the right way when the time is right... I got slammed in the do I
  20. fluro2au

    TTT pacing

    have you ever sat behind a bike at that speed? Give it a crack, it will change your views DD you are doing an awesome job, with the guys and motopacing down that way, wish I had access to that up here.....keep it up. fluro
  21. Boy I would love to have that prize, so long as my employer didn't work out what I was getting up to all day long......Who is it anyway? fluro
  22. Just for the record, I came down there, broke 3 ribs, smashed my collarbone into 5 pieces and punctured a lung....This all happened in march, wiped out my whole season of racing. Getting my plate and bolts out in 1 week and then I can finally get back into some training and racing again. That intersection does suck, it's lottery when you go through there. fluro
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