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  1. Pyne, how long will it take for him to get the boot, along with Bishop? Both of them are completely useless fluro
  2. LOL metabolically he will struggle....it takes time to convert Physiologically he will be fine Glycologically, will depend on his diet paleologically, yeah I support Niseko here pyschologically.....I reckon he might struggle, pacing a 8-10hr event is tough to get right fluro
  3. Not really Jimmy, the guys at that end of the field have more commonalities then we can even comprehend. That is what separates us from them. Howvever, if you tap into it as a coach, what you learn is priceless, you need to dig deep though..... fluro
  4. But , do you think Olaf cared about that? Like I said, and like Olaf said, it cost him a legit sub 9 at Melbourne fluro
  5. Yeah and Olaf was pissed about that....It denied him achieving a legit sub 9....You're barking up the wrong tree fluro
  6. You always will Jimmy....which is precisely why we need to look at people like Coach, Olaf, etc...and think out of the box, to cater for those sorts of athletes. Differentiation fluro
  7. Really? The guy has had a great lead up into hawaii, yes, 40-44 is competitive, but would love to see him go the sub 9 there fluro
  8. G'day Coach, if you have spent years developing your ability to race sprints, then what you are doing is developing your ability to utilise glycogen as a primary fuel source. Therefore the minute you jump on bike and put on pair of runners, your body shunts blood straight to the working muscles, really efficiently. So where does that blood come from?.......Your digestive system, why, because, at rest 24% of your blood volume is at your digestive system. So if it doesn't need to fuel the muscle, with glycogen, then the blood will leave the digestive system and fuel the muscle, and efficient
  9. Nope.....Seriously Jimmy WTF.... Niseko will support me here. When I was living living in Tokyo and hooking up occasionally, with Niseko we had a guy by the name of Olaf, who was 400m runner. In 2010 (approx) he decided to do triathlon's for the first time. 3 years later he is winning his age group in IM's in the 40-44 age group. Won Melbourne last year. He is off to Hawaii this year and I have my money on him winning his age group there too....Just a few weeks ago he did a 180km race sim ride in 4:40 with a HR of 123bpm. People like Olaf and Coach are unique, they have the abil
  10. A side of AP I never knew existed..... Nice work fluro
  11. You need to brush up on your trolling TU, even gumbys like me can pick up on it now. fluro
  12. He does use some big words, give him some credit Alex fluro
  13. 1. There is your weakness...if you are a complete joke with a kickboard, then it will more than likely be the reason for slowing you down while doing free. if you start doing more kickboard work, you'll correctly this deficiency over time and therefore improve your freestyle efficiency.. 10min with each swim session will suffice. 2. WAGGLES? sounds like a fishtale, which means one of your hands is crossing the midline somewhere in the stroke 3. Don't glide....it's a crock, there is no free speed in the glide fluro
  14. A question for daz, Do you active your hip before you start your catch? Is there much propulsion going on at the back end of the stroke....Gary Hall Junior seems to think just let the hand exit naturally as opposed to pushing right back through to the hip? How do you stop someone from breathing late? fluro
  15. G'day Thommo, 1. Probably because your kick is not offering you that much propulsion (which is normal anyway), but assists with your streamlining (which is what it should do), just the same as a pull buoy. How well can you kick with just a kickboard?....Can you knock off lap after lap? What is you vertical kick like (that will help you in terms of kicking from the hips)? 2. It's probably more efficient then having a scissor kick or a lower body that drags through the water...If the guy is pushing just his head under the water he is probably lifting lower limbs quite well. The thing to
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