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  1. Nicely said mate , I agree with you entirely ! Terry
  2. Eh , Good one hoser ! Think I'm gonna head out to the howse later , put on ma toook and put back a cuple o' tooo -fors Terry
  3. Having read this ,for I think the 4th or 5th time , it is just so inspiring to re-read. Setting goals and achieving them is one thing. But setting so many and strategically knocking them off one by one is exceptional. This would make one hell of a movie ! Very happy you got it Chris !
  4. I use black electrical tape and have an industrial magnet that is stronger than the usual ones.
  5. canuck

    Titanium bikes

    Hi All, I ride a Litespeed Blade (53). I primarily race IM and 70.3 distances , throwing in the occasional OD to keep me honest I live in a hot / humid environment and am a heavy perspirer. I previously had an aluminium frame and it rusted afetr 2 years. I wash and clean my bike weekly. The beauty of Ti is , as has been stated here and everywhere , over and over. Strength , durabilty , stiffness and ease of cleaning. Additionally, peace of mind As long as it is within the affordability of the athlete , I would not hesitate to recommend a Blade. I am unsure about other Ti
  6. Great post and very timely. I just raced IM Malaysia 11 days ago. We stayed at The Westin. I ordered 2 main courses at all meals because the one was just insufficient. Although there were probably 50-100 IM participants staying at the hotel , the management was not inclined to increase portion size once requested. I generally only stay at Starwood Group hotels if I have to. I travel extensively for business and am fully aware of their many parctices to squeeze money out of every opportunity possible. Unfortunately it is the only "decent" hotel close to the transition and start/fi
  7. It was a great day and an awesome course. Apart from the run course which needs to be wider at parts. Faris won Kona in 2005 , therefore did not "NEED" to qualify to race in Kona in October through this event. To clarify one of the official statements near the bottom of the post.
  8. canuck

    IM Malaysia

    2nd loser 365325[/snapback] Nice one! So where would that put you in a race situation? 48th LOSER!! 365380[/snapback] finished in 12.21 3rd in AG with some chance for a spot in Kona good girl great job 365401[/snapback] I met her and her friend Tymeka at Changi Airport in Singapore. Saw both girls on the run and they were looking strong. Glad to see they finished up well. It was ( as usual ) a hard day in paradise
  9. canuck

    Malaysian IM

    I will be racing there in 5 weeks. Last year was pretty damn hot and I live in this climate. Stay at The Westin, if you can. It is 1km away from the race start and the only decent ( 3 star or higher ) hotel within 10 or so km's of transition. Langkawi ,considering the price of 4 and 5 star resorts in the region , is extremely expensive. I would advise , get to the race and get to Phuket ,or another Thai destination as quickly as possible. Cheers Terry
  10. canuck

    Cracked Rib

    Yea , I've been there , unfortunately. Wiped out at IMWA 2004 entering the Tuart forest for the first time , after the swim. Hair fracture in one bruised the other. Pretty damn painful........ needless to say , I needed my sunglasses to to cover the tears coming down my face on the run
  11. I have used it for the past year. I ordered from the states directly , 6 large tubs. It was pretty expensive including shipping to me here to Singapore. You essentially answer a questionnaire with about 30 points regarding taste , concentration , protein , age , distances primarily raced , cramping , weight , etc. A Slide chart is then calculated with osmality (sic) and formula is essentially made from that , ie:to your exact preferences. They also have "standard" generic one fits all formulas they make if you so desire , but why settle for that when you can get your own formu
  12. hey Blew, why not head over, do the race & check the distances & the spelling whilst you're there. send back a live report maybe their english spelling is lousy, but the race they put on is great...the best one yet for me...small sample though as I've only done IM OZ Forster/Pm, NZ & Malaysia. oops, edited for spelling 326844[/snapback] Yea , there are a couple of things that can be improved at this race. But don't get it wrong , whatever the spelling , organization , food....it is one helluva difficult race
  13. So the inappropriate part is the act of transporting the bike, or the 4-5hr training rides while you are on holiday? Don't get me wrong, the Gold Coast would be a great place to get in some quality training rides, and a fantastic way to escape all the inlaw festivities. But if you plan to do these rides anyway, wouldn't it be better and cheaper to bring your own bike? Eliminate the risk of bringing on an injury by riding a bike that doesn't quite fit or puts you in a different riding position. 319337[/snapback] Speedy Steve As I'm sure you are aware , all families ar
  14. gold coast triathlete 07 55720775 or www.g-c-t.com regards fl 319354[/snapback] Greatly appreciated , thanks very much mate...saves me the surf Cheers Terry
  15. That takes 2 mins in the shower , if there was podium for that I would be on it every time. I will definitely post my experience on here. I look forward to the trip ! I will be not be joining for breakfast , my diet is very different from their's
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