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  1. Never forget Ratty watching Port Half. Drove down from Sydney just to watch me (thanks mate) and you could imagine the support he gave me. After the race he was like a kid in a candy store. I gotta get into this he said. True to his word he entered Canberra on the back of no real training but with his typical can-do attitude and smashed it. A true legend and a true friend.
  2. Guys Been looking to buy a pair of Newton tri Racers but can't find them in stores or online. I would get them from overseas but Newton don't allow international sellers. Does anyone have a pair or know where they might be sold? I'm also size 14 which is always a pain in the arse.
  3. Did anyone ever find an Australian distributor?
  4. http://www.specialized.com/au/en-au/bikes/road/shiv/shivproui2midcompact#geometry
  5. Not racing so that wont be a problem. Thanks guys
  6. Is it hilly? Do you run on the road. When are the hills? Little details
  7. Was wondering if anyone has seen the run course in Auckland for this year's age group race and could give me a bit of a description. Mapped it on mapmyrun but didnt seem that hilly on the profile and may have stuffed it.
  8. Was wondering if anyone has a link to the Olympic 2012 Triathlon course please?
  9. Wedged

    TDF12 - Stage 18

    Unbelievable. And respect for Wiggins.
  10. Wedged

    TDF12 - Stage 9

    Go the old fella. Rough start times for Wiggins and Evans (AUS time)?
  11. Its suppose to be 25 but I thinks its 23.
  12. It states that teams were rejected by the Board on 2 occasions. Is it public knowledge what the makeup of the teams were or is that private information?
  13. That is correct Tyno. Holmsie is spot on about the pools. I will be running a small class on the spin bikes at Fitness Perfection followed by a brief run in the pool. If you are still here tomorrow we will be doing a 15km run in the afternoon.
  14. Thanks Tim. Would you mind if I grab a copy. Tried using the Topo course creator but is too patchy.
  15. Hey guys Anyone got the new Port Mac Ironman course for the computrainer? Just the 3D course. Thanks
  16. Does anyone know if there is an ErgVideo distributor in Australia. Was hoping to get one locally and maybe before the end of the week? Or are they only available via their website?
  17. Holmesie and 20 of his Orange Piranhas mates will be there enjoying the beautiful water in Shep!
  18. Thanks Ayto. Checking to see if mates have got in.
  19. In. Can't wait. Is there a confirmed entry list?
  20. oh dear, I think I can see some sad posts coming up if this sells out quickly after the server comes up. Mate rings from Sydney where he gets an important meeting to break for lunch so he can register. He will be back in the office at 12:30 and is sweating bullets. Of course I will help himout but other people may not be so lucky. I wont be entering anyway. Mind you not imressed how they haven't notified 70.4 athletes on when the race is on. Makes it tough for them to plan or get accomodation.
  21. Got to agree with Dave. My wife is so going to kill me.
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