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  1. We have a TM 5-1. It’s used at least once a day. We had never had a juicer or mixer so it wasn’t replacing those (I think this forms part of the value equation). Ours was a reduced price upgrade from the “ACCC model”. It’s seal wasn’t integrated into the lid which created part of the splash issue. It also now doesn’t let you open it immediately after it finishes cooking or mixing now. I think the design issues are rectified.
  2. 38 yo. Astra Zeneca shot on a Friday. Back on Zwift same night and over the weekend. No noticeable HR vs power changes. (I was still pretty mediocre!) I had a nap during the day on the Saturday which I never do, that was the only real thing I noticed.
  3. I received my 1st dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine today. On a scale of 0 to tetanus my arm feels like a 3. I still managed a ride on Zwift tonight, my poor performance can't be blamed on the vaccine though. No symptoms or side effects yet.
  4. I’m interested in the same. I have less and less interest riding on the road, but have some nice unsealed roads nearby that are quiet and safe. Keen to hear what you end up getting.
  5. Congrats! So are you selling the BMC or the Factor?
  6. Isn't Luke Plapp a refreshing example of how to get on with life when dealing with adverse conditions. Track pursuiter, still unsure if the deferred Olympics will proceed, just gets on and rides like this after the Festival of Cycling rides and the time trial the other day.
  7. It's important to remember how the award system works in Australia. First, someone needs to nominate you. Then the awards committee review the nomination and decide if you get it or not. I wouldn't be surprised if someone from her church did the nominating - it keeps her in the news and generates publicity for them. It also helps to reignite discussion around her views, which whilst they are not shared by the vast majority of the Australian, the true believers in her church will hope that maybe some of the moves towards equality may be reversed.
  8. I’m sure the odds of Dan outlasting Gladys in their respective premier roles would have been quite long last week. After today’s revelations at the ICAC, it would probably be an even money bet. Not for her choice of partner, but for continuing the relationship when he had already been found to have behaved inappropriately in public office. I feel genuinely sorry for her, as she has led a good response to COVID in NSW, where the reality of Sydney being an international city makes the goal of elimination unrealistic and unattainable. It shows more than ever why we need to have a simila
  9. Addition of cases of crew from cruise ships - alot of these cases are Ruby Princess crew who were managed on board when it was moored off Port Kembla. They never actually touched land in NSW, but a decision has been made to count them towards the NSW tally now.
  10. Anything south of Burleigh? The Tweed Coast is great too. It’s not as easy to get to the quiet hills and countryside as southern GC though. Still much better than Sydney though with regards to that.
  11. The community transmission rate is not a number that should be considered in isolation. Many countries didn’t know they had community transmission occurring until their ED’s and ICU’s were rapidly overwhelmed. In Italy, a football match is thought to have caused a large number of cases, in the US events like a Mardi Gras are likely culprits. The other pieces of information that need to be considered are: * How many tests are being conducted? WA has done only half the tests that QLD has done per capita, and only a third of SA’s numbers. (Only Tasmania and the NT have done fewer t
  12. Good to see this thread has got itself back on track. For those who are wondering why New Zealand has gone full lockdown ahead of Australia, it is important to consider the resources each country has to draw upon in the worst case scenario. It is not simply a matter of one leader being better than other, more that there expert panels are advising what needs to be done in the situation. For example, New Zealand has roughly half the number of ICU beds per capita that Australia has. It is easy to see why they need to avoid the overwhelming situation.
  13. I think the "flattening of the curve" is more due to the good work of public health teams and extensive contact tracing than us respecting social distancing rules. It is allowing us to overcome some of the bad decisions (most likely politically motivated) that were made early on. Particularly, not imposing self quarantine periods on travellers coming from the US until we applied it to all travellers. Don't want to accept Donald. It was clear from the number of cases diagnosed in travellers returning from the US that they had sustained community transmission (and very poor testing systems
  14. Critical care specialists who are not intensive care doctors will be able to transition into the role safely to support workforce demands. Nursing staff in critical care areas would be able to support also once trained on the ventilators.
  15. For almost everyone on this forum, contracting COVID-19 is likely to only result in a mild illness (so again, don’t be alarmed). As a society, we all need to wash our hands, stay off work (and away from social gatherings) if unwell, and if put into quarantine, don’t break it.
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