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  1. latman

    SRAM BB30

    the smallest chainring that can fit on 130BCD is 38T
  2. latman

    my retro Kestrel

    i considered wearing DTs but decided against it in the end ......
  3. latman

    my retro Kestrel

    yes , It was deep in my cycling tops box lol, but very appropriate I thought
  4. latman

    my retro Kestrel

    Its an 8 speed cassette , but I have some good Sachs 8 speed freewheels that would have done the job too
  5. latman

    my retro Kestrel

    skinny 19 mm tyres are far from the norm too
  6. I haven't looked at this page for ages but came here by accident so i thought i would make a post .
  7. Does anyone know what happened to Gordon Ramsey ?
  8. why did they take the record off moser ,indurain ,obree , boardman and rominger again ?
  9. lock ring or cogs ? what are the wheels ? One common thing is folks leg torque has dug the (hard) steel cogs into a (soft) aluminuim freehub body ?
  10. those front spokes are titanium , if you can unthread the spoke/nipple you will be able to re-use the nipple ,but you will need to remove the tyre (and tube and rim tape if a clincher wheel ) a Stainless steel spoke will do the job ok I reckon those wheels are worth no more than $500 now so do your own maths on the value of all the work
  11. i don't dislike chinese products really , unless they place another brand name on them ......... Like Zipp , Mavic ,.Pinarello ,Time , Specialized etc etc and then I hate them ! having said that I would NEVER use a chinese made front wheel ......
  12. ok , I imagine they are very thin material , I would take it to a local shop so they can have a look (hopefully where you got it from is nearby ?)
  13. do not worry at all about wheel weight , only aero matters in flat races , my clincher disc that weighed 2kg alone (inc cassette,tire and skewer) took me to 2 sub 5 hr IM rides ,
  14. im guessing the chain is a bit "higher" when making the change than when its "seated" on the cog , what material is the frame made from ?
  15. it took me a while to work out how to use it but I firstly selected the year on the left then typed the required surname in the green rectangles at the top of the page , unfortunately you can't just type a name in and it simply tell you what performances at what years at IMA....
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