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  1. More info It appears that Di2 was infact being tested at the TdF but as the main visible difference is the lack of wires coming from the shifters coupled with the number of bikes now with integrated cockpits that hide the wires anyway, it wasn't picked up by anyone
  2. Oh shit, you're right. Rules it out for me for sure
  3. Have got a bit more info out of this guy. According to him, the next generation of D-A Di2 will be available in both wired (as now) and semi-wireless versions, all with PM Semi -wireless will have wireless shifters. Charging of shifter batteries may also be via piezoelectric effect where simply riding will be enough to charge (Shimano has applied for a patent for this) Mechs will still be wired to each other and to a battery No time frame as to release. How accurate any of that is I guess we won't know until its actually released.
  4. SO there is a guy on the weight weenies forum who says he has seen the new Di2 in a Skype meeting with Shimano but can't say anything more than "it was truly amazing" It was also supposed to be test at this years Vuelta but that test was cancelled 2 weeks ago by Shimano Europe (he never gave a reason)
  5. I have seen that Bikeradar article before and you can clearly see the cable in the closeup of the cassette I wonder if that actually is R9200 and the front and rear derailleurs are connected to the battery and each other via cable, but the shifters "talk" to the derailleurs wirelessly. Maybe the best of both worlds. Still have a large capacity battery but easier to set up as the shifters are wireless. If that was the case, it wouldn't be enough for me to regret buying the current Di2 other than the possibility that it is sold at a discount sometime in the future (which is typica
  6. Is this inside information or just speculation? Normally anything new from Shimano is all over the net well before release and that just hasn't happened with wireless. I would be pissed if I shelled out a motza for a new bike with Di2 only for wireless to be released a month later!
  7. Thanks all Problem is there have been rumors about 12 speed wireless Di2 for the last two years I doubt it will be for a while yet because nothing has been seen at any of the tours and shimano normally tests with the pros for at least a while before anything is released
  8. Wonder how many Aussies are stashing their cash O/S to avoid paying tax? I suppose it doesn’t need to be too many of they are extremely wealthy and avoiding large amounts of tax for the ATO to take a serious look at them
  9. The outrage over the wealth of Bezos always makes me laugh People calling him out yet continue to shop at Amazon.
  10. Looking for a consensus from Trannies as to which they prefer and why Im buying a built up bike, so ease of installation is not a concern but ease of set up or shift quality is I was leaning towards Red but constant talk of front derailleur shifting issues (and associated chain dropping) has me concerned Thoughts?
  11. If this is going to turn into some kind of days of ours lives drama thread..... then awesome! My live is so damn boring I could use some drama Who is getting a dirty sanchez from whom always makes for interesting water cooler conversation
  12. Obviously the correct answer to what the first merch should be produced is stubby holder Anything else is just not in keeping with Transitions tradition
  13. Police are apparently investigating. No charges laid at this stage Im sure this won't be the last we hear about this and Im also sure that unless the driver is suspended or something, not a whole lot is going to happen to him. If there was ever a situation where vigilante justice is warranted, that must surely be it.
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