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  1. Hambini is a bloody legend! Calls a spade a shovel and is afraid of no one He must be very good at what he does and knows his stuff because the shills at ST hate him with a passion
  2. Stop being so sexist! /sarcasm Read it was so our greatest female tennis player has received the recognition as our greatest male tennis player (Rod Laver) So ironically it was a politically correct motivation Go figure!
  3. I think this year the committee must have been short a few nominations. TBH, Im not surprised that Court was "upgraded" If Turnbull can get an award for well, being himself, then obviously they had a set number to give out and were just throwing darts at a board and this is the result
  4. Seriously mate, do you have a problem with alcohol? Im am genuinely concerned for your well being.
  5. The daughter is studying at UNE (or was, now remotely, but anyway) and Albo came by the campus ages ago just to put shit on Barnaby and got stuck into the piss while on campus Daughter reckons he is a ridiculously nice guy, even when shit faced
  6. When you consider the story of the Australian of the Year, what she had to endure and the courage she has shown in speaking out, those listed above are nothing more than a waste of space in comparison The selection criteria really need a shake up it would seem Oh, and Happy Australia Day!
  7. Im pretty sure that I heard the other day that QLD has the highest unemployment rate in the country I wonder if state election was held again tomorrow if the result would be the same
  8. I dont know. Im dont sit on the committee that decides that Perhaps you should take that up with them I think you guys are missing my point. I dont agree with anything she has to say BUT, I respect her right to say it.
  9. Oh come on Bazza 'transgender children are the work of the devil". Seriously want me or my daughter (or anyone for that matter) to be upset by that?? Just rantings of a crazy old woman. If she had said that her followers must go out and "convert" or kill all those of the LGQBTI community, Id be the first to call her out Otherwise people really need to stop being offended for others. All that does is kill off debate on these issues and I think actually sets these type of debates back even further
  10. I read the ravings of an old woman in that article Nothing more, nothing less What I didnt read was her advocating violence or any hatred against those of the LGQBTI community Storm in a teacup And just so were clear, my daughter came out to my wife and I about a year ago, and she said exactly the same thing. But I guess it more politically correct to be offended on someone else behalf than to have those that are supposedly offended against actually be offended.
  11. That horse has bolted, so kind of pointless I wonder how much more good could have been done by people getting out and helping others instead of complaining about her getting an award I really , really don't care what her view on any topic is. Frankly, I dont give a shit about anyones view on any topic. Views and opinions are like arseholes.....everyones got one But as I said, provided you aren't inciting hate or violence, Im all for you being able to share that view publicly and let others decide if you're worth listening to or not I still dont get why people are so u
  12. No one is going to miss Google anywhere as much as you think. I know I won't. If it was FB, then yeah, too many Fwits live and breathe that crap all day, every day and there would be a backlash from the bogan class Cant say Ive ever seen the attraction of FB
  13. If the 95% of voters in safe seats had more than two brains cells to rub together (and this goes for both sides), they would make sure that every seat was a marginal seat so every political party actually did what they said they would do for the seat otherwise they knew they would get the punt at the next election. Had this very discussion with the rather inebriated local member at a friends 30th birthday party some 18 years ago after he hit me up for a donation Said member vigorously defended his achievements (which were few and far between, apart from amassing a sizeable property
  14. Google isnt going anywhere It earned AU$4.6 billion in 2019 and you can bet it was a lot more than that last year. Nothing more than a bullying tactic and I hope the government does not cave in to them FB has asked for 6 months to negotiate with media companies for news content, so the writing is on the wall for Google because you can bet that there would have been a far far bigger outcry from the plebs if FB left Australia then if Google leaves Even my wife now uses duck duck go and she is the least tech savvy person I have ever met Moderating of social media posts is
  15. Thats more like it How far, how long, how hard (RPE) and what's the IF? That will give you an idea if you FTP is close to being set correctly
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