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  1. Suggest choose an interesting route. Maybe have a look at the Race to Rock 2018 (I think) which went Melbourne->Mildura via Echuca and then along the river. Stay in some motels - is that allowed now? - getting too damn cold to camp out. The Audax routes tend to be traffic light Trucks on the highways, would worry me. Was coming back from Mildura last year and couldnt believe one semi which pulled out to overtake a car doing a couple km/h slower than the speed limit. Nearly ran the car off the road.
  2. I've used Greyhound a couple of times now to shift bikes around. Last was Townsville to Melbourne. Fixed price with ~20kg weight limit if I remember correctly.
  3. Only been running, since Xmas. 17kms, max distance from home around 5kms. In to the industrial wilderness of the West Melbourne docks, look at the big boats. Contemplating Beach Rd ride, as still hoping for cycling event planned later this year, and whilst running is great for fitness, need some riding leg muscles and something about the sea air. Friend down Beaumauris says cyclist numbers well down, but still plenty enough, and well spaced. Hasnt heard of any fines. Have sometimes thought about riding in the depths of the night, but - bad joke - the zombies. Well stoners perhaps.
  4. Unfortunately trend is to trip more as you get older I've tripped 3 major times, roughly once a decade, two on trail runs. But I have tripped less seriously a couple of times the last few years, once I though how the heck did I do that - was a tiny bump of 2-3cm and the reflex attempted save made it worse, as tried to protect phone in hand, ironically one of the few times I'd ever taken it. I just try and lift my legs a little more. Not too worried about balance declining overall, as my track stands have improved dramatically. Somewhere in there I think is some kind of running effic
  5. Ebbs and flows. Just natural. Fall back to a base which is sustainable, and does not have to be very high e.g. 3-4 hours running a week, and then when the motivation flows again go with it. Even if it is a 10 year respite, doesn't matter. No healthier to be doing 10+ hours a week than 5. Taking mental grind in to account, triathlon is pretty wearying longer term as constant round of this and that, some love it, but it wears most out, if atop the normal daily grind.
  6. I'm glad someone has a video of it. Was quite something to be swimming head on in to swimmers coming the other way, especially when couldnt see them until a wave trough.
  7. Johnny come lately to the sport. Did all four 3/4 Ironman Melbournes. First was a 50th birthday present - to spend the time, not so much the money. Not so interested now, and the riding got more dangerous by the year with distracted drivers, so cut back on road riding through the week. Now back to mostly just a base of running, ~50km a week, with a little bit of commuting cycling, and some gravel/backroads endurance rides, and mountains if I get up to Bright over summer, with hopes of some multi-day touring adventures. IM @ 70 is what I'm hoping, with a bit/lots of luck. If the
  8. Keep the flame, or pilot light, flickering. Beach Rd used to be full of TTers over summer. Was great. Million dollar views too. Now the concrete jungle that Chelsea is morphing in to symbolizes the decline. Ever more development. Sad. Endurance cycling on gravel/dirt/sand is now the thing. And those IMs at $1000/day is kind of up there. But gosh I miss IM-MEL. Flat soft and easy as it was. Never quite got to be regarded as a true full, more a 3/4. But right there in Melbourne for the locals. And how about that year there was 3m waves at Frankston, when the swim had to be
  9. Those saying tech only for elite. Some examples like slo motion replays perhaps at this point. But $25 Sri Chinmoy run there is an electronic chip on the back of the race number, disposable, or you can get one for a season. Likewise in Vic cycling races have electronic timing chips part of deal all the way down to club races. Likewise triathlons, you get a timing chip. That's apart from the $300+ and upwards cycling computers near on everyone has. Along with $500 and up mobile phones. And quite a few Cycliq light-camera combos. Golfers with GPS laser range finders. Yep, plenty of tech everywh
  10. Was great on the hill Anderson ST, although not as many spectators as I thought there might be. Way better than the prologue they had a few years back along the Yarra and Southbank. And better than the criterium they used to have in Carlton. Bit sad there is no expo now, guess it just reflects the move to online.
  11. In fact that was the conclusion I came to a few years back. Even though I was "new" to triathlon, having only done it for 10 years Made easier by the fact triathlon is a hybrid of three sports. But back to my point about cleaning up drafting using tech. And to argue against your point. There's more than a few sports where tech has transformed.Tennis: slow motion line call replays have solved the tantrums. Sound meters could easily solve the scream queen problem too. Cricket, third umpire mostly solved the controversial catch and LBW problem. AFL: goal replays. Sure still the odd c
  12. And stage 5 in Melbourne Sunday afternoon at the Botanical Gardens
  13. Ok, a couple of "hills" of 20-30m, 200-300m, 2-3%. Not enough to break up groups, or they just reform the other side. Anyhow, hope it sells out. But even more that some genuine efforts get put in to quell the drafting. Not having a go at the volunteers, and maybe I should still my hand up to TA. But the real answer surely lies in tech and real-time monitoring of some kind. We can all become dot-watchers.
  14. Well it's good to see Melbourne still sports capital. And I like Beach Rd. Million dollar views. Good tarmac. And still the centre of cycling activity, probably the most ridden rode in the world, at least on weekends. But to me the sport is just kidding with the amount of drafting on the flat courses. Especially when it should be solvable relatively easily with tech. No will. No, I don't buy in to the race yourself dont worry about everyone else etc. Especially when the cost is ~ $500 for a local. I just don't get why WTC etc dont bring in tech to sort out the drafting.
  15. A resurrection! But I'm still a fan of Deuter Air.
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