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  1. Condolences to you and your family Paul. We fondly remember your mum , a true pioneer of not just our sport but proving that all ages can compete and enjoy sport , breaking down stereotypes for other to then believe that can try as well. Keep well mate, Vic and Wendy
  2. Your day sounds just like mine, had a sweet patch the two previous years at 9:30 and was confident of going faster , training was showing it should be the case, swim on schedule, bike ok and just at total shocker of a run over an hour worse, oh well all history now, but funny that you and I had similar day , might be that we someone cursed out year of birth that day.
  3. Port has had a number of Olympic distance races in the past, the race was often part of the national series, something that the sport needs to have back in Australia
  4. So I've labelled all men , seriously get over yourself, I've raced for 35 years, had numerous women complain of men blocking and pushing them, maybe you have difficulty understanding that, , lets see, pushing my daughter as she tries to run past a male at Kurnel last Jan blocked on the bike Nowra, my wife having her legs dragged back at Nowra by a male as she tried to swim past, , "Haven't labelled all men , but you seem to like the drama and you obviously know all, but I bow to your learned knowledge and vast experience in this matter
  5. I can see this pacing happening , too esay now and knowing triathletes and human nature this pacing will become a real issue
  6. Maybe you want to speak to my wife or daughter, they have had mens trying to block and push them off the bike , dragged back by the legs in the swim, yeah it is a problem, my daughter is 16 and has had 50 year old losers pushing her as she runs past them in the run, yeah I'm sick of "that old chestnet, of loser mens bullying and blocking women in races" and it will only be worse mixing the men and women, maybe you acyually need to talk to some of our girls who have had this happen to them before you shove your view down peoples throats
  7. We are paying big money, so yes it does matter. A good way to ruin a race experience, it's my daughters first Oly distance and I'd like her to actually have a good experience, a very quick swimmer who will end up have pathetic blokes blocking her on the bike ( seen it all too often) because they don't want a girl to pass them, going to be even worse for her starting with all the under 30's when her 16-19 wave was by itself before
  8. Yep. Not sure if I'm stupid, but I fail to see how this reduces congestion. Can anyone explain it simply to me? Got an email from them yesterday and they confirmed males and females will go off together. Claim the rolling start will be safer ???, I can see drafting and cheating for podium spots getting worse especially with males and females together, ladies swimming with partners etc and getting paced through the race and many other variations. Crap idea, it is a race, sick of reducing everything to the lowest common denominator, can't swim don't do triathlons, simple, there bo
  9. Totally agree trifun, the release doesn't even make sense, are they using waves for this or what, I'll guess that there will be 2000 to 3000 people who expect to swim under 30 minutes, why on earth are they doing this stupidity when the waves work, drafting will not be reduced nor crowding, and as for it being a race, well, looks to me like a group training exercise , total crap
  10. Daniel Bain at Onebody Castle Hill does this, very knowledgeable with his bike fit
  11. Eurosport is brilliant for its live cycling coverage, downside is the late nights
  12. Nope, have qualified half a dozen times, took the option up once and still didnt go, as I got sick. Can't do ironman anymore and do I regret not going ? Nope. Why didn't I go, number of reasons, worked fulltime and would take 2 months off for IM OZ and didn't want to take leave without pay and the overall cost, my challenge was to go as fast as I could here, I knew the conditions there and the time of year would not result in a good result, so why would I go to finish and not be in a position to do my best when I pushed hard here. I saw IM as a challenge to push myself to what was my limi
  13. Bloody hard little course especially being a duathlon, as for the move and date, not sure on easter next year but the Forster date of this year would work as it doesn't clash with other races ( well at this time)
  14. Interesting to see Roxiis'coments from them about not knowing of the past Qld based Xtreme wheels, I had a similar conversation with them and also the road racing comment. Probably the best option to follow with the newer brands is if they are UCI legal, at least there is testing involved and gives some piece of mind. Also if you intend to road race in some bigger events you need this if the officials are stringent on equipment. I haven't tried Cadens but my mate swears by his and I've tried a pair of Yoeleos and found them to be fast and stiff and are my go to road race wheels (well
  15. Kurnell was $135, Nowra enter by Sept $95 but upto $154, Olympic starts at $185 in Sept to $224, I heard a lot of rumblings at Kurnell about the price for the race and also a lot of coments about Nowra and the other events, seems to have been a decent price jump this season
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