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  1. And now the bike is ready, just a bit of work left to do on the engine….
  2. Finally….. Custom paint with personalised Name? well it was an extra 0.7%…
  3. Going to Perth….
  4. trifun

    Aus Olympic Team

    One might go to "take it for the team" - ie lift Team Oz's ranking and hence number of possible starting spots at the games.....
  5. Just bought the MTB version, first trip will be Townsville....
  6. fixed that tri-gold visitation stat for you
  7. IMHO: Triathletes don't kick because their kicking form is so bad that it actually slows them down (hence they swim faster at the pool when using a pool-bouy to lift their legs).
  8. Email heading your way soon thanks (think I might suck up my misgivings and get a new pair of Cycliq cams)
  9. Apparently the best component swap is Tim-tams for apples...
  10. Their signature event - the Oly Dist Tri - has traditionally been (as it is again) on the Saturday which gives people a chance to get home on the Sunday (ie last time I drove the 10 hours up on Friday morning, settled in, raced rested, drove back Sun (with a “rest break/swim at Agnus Waters on the way back to Hervey Bay. Now that they are running a festival they just add events in-front of that (seems to be what most events that grow into festivals do). Just so happens that X-Tri is probably most people’s reason fro going this year (last time it was because the OD was a qualifier for the G
  11. Townsville entries are open: Clickable link to go to the RegisterNow entry portal :)
  12. trifun

    Worth the hype?

    Pushys are having a massive sale (inc Bolle's from $20!) so I decided to indulge one of my fantasies and got the bib's as well - they are like a second skin, can't feel em after I got going and my toosh felt fine - even set a new PB over my thursday night 40k out n back
  13. trifun

    Worth the hype?

    Assos, and granddaughter the best kind of baby
  14. trifun

    Worth the hype?

    My new bib nicks just came ( got to love that huge moving sale at pushes), now to try them out....
  15. Safe ("technical" is media speak for dangerous) Fair ( don't have 5 min gaps between waves then a 15 min gap in the middle of a split wave in order to reduce the number of people on a course, also no more than 3 laps of anything) this includes accuracy, tell it like it is, if your course is safer with a 39 k bike do it just put it on the entry from. Fun ( unless it's the Olympics sport should be fun - you should see what handing out chocolate frogs at the finish line does for people's smiles ) and if you can manage it "value" then folks will love you, by all means donate any
  16. that must make the IOC happy come the four year festival
  17. UPDATE FOLKS: the CrossTri event at Roches Beach in TAS has now had it's date for this season confirmed as 5/2/22 (another Saturday event), shit this makes things hard for interstate people with jobs etc to get there in a fit state to race but it is what it is I guess (no I cant "flex off" - I'm a high school teacher and this will be week three of the school year). anyway, 17 days till the new MTB arrives.....
  18. Here you go folks... 2022 WXTC PLANNER.xlsx
  19. well that's a relief, but it tracks in spanish.....
  20. O/K Cant really say much about these people as their website refuses to stay in the selected language when one goes to the "my accounts" page - bloody reverts to Spanish (so I can't actually check on my order that was due to arrive on 26/3). Don't try for assistance as the ChatBot (that seems to be their answer for customer service) also is in Spanish. Strangely all the sales pages default to english (based on browser settings I guess). But any way, though the prices may have seemed O/K the service at this point in time is https://www.bikeinn.com/ a part of a large
  21. I can send you the excel file if you like (it has hyperlinks to the events and is sortable) I made it to assist my planning.
  22. Now that's a gutsy swim style...
  23. I made it based on information from TA's site and an hour or so of link-following plus a few emails to RVs
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